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User Ratings

  • Dimit
    Dimit 1 day ago

    Hi Bert,

    Great job you did, thank you!

    I hope to see some good results. I'll leave a good comment for you and your services.

    Thanks again

  • Cuong
    Cuong 1 month ago

    Thank for your working. I see my site is ranking. I will bookmark your service and order again next time.

  • Pablito89
    Pablito89 1 month ago

    everything fine.

  • nvrskozzy
    nvrskozzy 1 month ago

    after his pbns will ban in google, and you want replace it - he will say you waste him time, annoy, he don want work with you, and ban privat massage from you!
    my last 4 orders dont have any improve

    • Bert

      You were sending me over 20 messages per day with demands of changes. Your Maxisize website done really well with your first order, but you were unhappy because your next websites didn't get the same results. Every website is different and some were not even optimised for the keywords. I had to give up in the end due to your constant demands. Fortunately, 99% of clients are awesome! See your comment below. I also gave you a free order lol.

  • nvrskozzy
    nvrskozzy 1 month ago

    ok thanks for free service! i pay for 1 website, seller made +1 for me for free!

  • iloveseoseo
    iloveseoseo 2 months ago


  • Streamshare
    Streamshare 2 months ago

    Thanks, looks interesting...

  • rajeelkp
    rajeelkp 2 months ago

    The seller delivered the order in the correct time with an initial report of 50 PBN links. The rest of the links are said to be delivered by drip feed within 30 days. All the PBN links are from topics related to my niche and I hope they will be very seo safe and valuable links.

    I hope it will take atleast a month to see the actual reflection of the work in my SERP rankings. I will update the thread with the actual screenshots once my results hi

  • nvrskozzy
    nvrskozzy 2 months ago

    ok, thanks for advice! very good seller

  • PandaDK
    PandaDK 2 months ago

    Thanks for your work. I will eagerly follow the result from now. If successful, no doubt I will return to you.

  • padre01
    padre01 2 months ago

    Thanks,looking forward to a good result.

  • thedavidzz
    thedavidzz 2 months ago

    Still not a improvement!

    • Bert

      Hi, your site is brand new and you only started building a link profile last month. 2 of your keywords are not mentioned on the page and the page is very thin on content, making it hard for Google to match your site to people's search queries. I would recommend building a more diverse link profile and optimise the site better. A brand new site rarely jumps straight up after one link building package.

  • arielquadros
    arielquadros 2 months ago

    Good service and delivery on time!

Buyers Comments

  • rachidialaoui

    I want to order, but can i get the samples first?

    5 months ago
  • lukplaz

    can you accapt facebook page to 1st rank google? and non-english keyword?

    4 months ago
  • andigo

    Are you accept Arabian Adult website and keyword on Arabic?

    4 months ago
  • karanbhagat

    Do you have any service for the gambling niche blogs?

    4 months ago
  • Bert

    You can use this service for gambling niche

    4 months ago
  • karanbhagat

    Can we discuss this over PM? Please send me a message.

    4 months ago
  • andigo

    Hello, Bert

    Welcome back! Just still waiting for answer for my question:

    Are you accept Arabian Adult website and keyword on Arabic?


    4 months ago
  • Bert

    Not on this service unfortunately. Please check out my $25 seo package that accepts adult sites

    4 months ago
  • andigo

    You could not specify which one? You have couple for this price

    4 months ago
  • Bert

    3500+ Orders - Ultimate Ranking Package - Top Google ... for $25

    4 months ago
  • violentycat

    Hey, may I have sample blogs from where I'll get the links?

    4 months ago
  • Bert

    Please PM me for any samples

    4 months ago
  • Bert

    All languages

    3 months ago
  • watchjav


    Are you accept Adult site ?

    3 months ago
  • Bert

    Not for this service no. My $25 SEO Package can do adult.

    3 months ago
  • watchjav

    can you give me the link ?

    3 months ago
  • Bert

    3 months ago
  • DelicateSoft

    Hello dear,
    Can I see any sample work report before to order?
    Also, i want to know, you will create article etc as per niche or i have to provide?

    2 months ago
  • Bert

    Please send me a pm for example requests. Thanks

    2 months ago
  • DelicateSoft

    I have sent PM yesterday, please reply.
    I am waiting...

    2 months ago
  • Bert

    I already replied to your pm and sent example report

    2 months ago
  • followlikesoc

    I own a domain at ,im selling fb likes instagram followers,facebook likes etc

    i want to buy your services and get to the top page for the next keywords

    buy facebook likes
    buy instagram followers
    buy twitter followers
    buy youtube views
    buy youtube likes
    buy fb likes

    will you rank my website on google first page with this service and can you guarantee me that i will get on google 1 page and are the links you do are permanent?

    Thanks in advance.
    FollowLikeSocial Team

    2 months ago
  • gxprocord

    can you rank new site in keyword : youtube to mp , youtube to mp4

    2 months ago
  • gotgoodjob

    after payment, how long do I have to wait for the result of your link building.
    After payment, and wait for a while, if I still do not see the result, do I get my money back?

    1 month ago
  • gotgoodjob

    this is my blog,, and i want to get result for this page

    1 month ago
  • tonocibi

    Can use for PM me

    29 days ago
  • washim

    My Website Name:
    Possible ranking google 1st page keywords: Punjabi songs download
    Please tell me i am order now

    21 days ago
  • Heroist

    Very interesting service ,what sites do you build on?

    20 days ago
  • lifeguideblog

    Hey mate,

    I am interested in your service, could you send me a sample link, please?

    I'm new here so not sure how to send you a private message. Thanks


    6 days ago
  • gazmo927

    Please PM me the samples of the contextual links

    4 days ago
  • Rajabhai2018

    My website

    My Target Keyword

    Boss Matka
    Indian Matka
    Tara Matka
    Matka On Line

    This Keyword I'm Ranking My Website It's Possible ?

    1 day ago
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