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User Ratings

  • skateboard1
    skateboard1 1 day ago

    will order again soon. THANKS!

    • superadian

      Thank you ^_^ 

  • Whatevers
    Whatevers 9 days ago

    Great seller! Very fast and efficient would buy from again thanks

    • superadian

      Pleasure working with you! ^_^ 

  • skateboard1
    skateboard1 10 days ago

    thank you!

    • superadian

      Welcome ^_^ 

  • stevebanks
    stevebanks 13 days ago

    thank you

    • superadian

      Welcome Sir ^_^ 

  • loveginger
    loveginger 29 days ago

    great work thank you

    • superadian

      Thank you too ^_^ 

  • DamocIes
    DamocIes 29 days ago

    And again

    • superadian

      Haha ^_^

  • christinabbm
    christinabbm 30 days ago

    Very fast, friendly, and efficient service. I would recommend this seller to a friend.

    • superadian

      Thank you very much! 

  • Hollie1989
    Hollie1989 30 days ago

    Excellent! A+ service.

    • superadian


  • fcjoemo
    fcjoemo 1 month ago

    Excellent work.

    • superadian


  • m7md8
    m7md8 1 month ago

    Thank you so much great job

    • superadian

      Welcome ^_^

  • mrmickens
    mrmickens 1 month ago

    Very honest & legitimate seller, delivered my order in a good amount of time

    • superadian

      Thanks ^_^ 

  • travistjp
    travistjp 2 months ago

    Great service! 100%% recommend!

    • superadian

      Thanks alot ^_^

  • legitinstafame
    legitinstafame 2 months ago

    Awesome job!

    • superadian

      Thanks Great buyer! 

  • Melih
    Melih 2 months ago

    Seller provided me with x2 points because his reply/service was delayed, highly recommend this service, took less than 24 hours either way.

    Even tho he's abroad he was still able to provide what he promised, +1 from me.

    • superadian


  • jtleonardiv
    jtleonardiv 2 months ago

    This seller is 100% legit, and will not put anything on your story or send to your friends. Don't get worried if it's not done within 30 minutes. Just give it a day and your score will be added.

  • dnsldjslkj
    dnsldjslkj 2 months ago

    Thank you, is it safe to buy more?

    • superadian

      Yes! As much as you want ^_^ 

Buyers Comments

  • amsofad

    I want to order, but after I order what info do you need, and after i place order do i have to log out of my snapchat account? and how long do I stay signed out of my snapchat account after i order

    1 month ago
  • superadian

    I need your login info ( username and password ). You can use your account till it's logged in, once it's logged out you've to wait and check for the delivery. It'll be done within an hour for sure. Thanks.

    1 month ago
  • amsofad

    If I buy now when can you do it and when can i log in to my account

    1 month ago
  • superadian

    Place the order and I'll do start within few hours. Working on other orders. You've to wait in que.

    1 month ago
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