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-we don't need admin access
-We need just your twitter username.
-you can order more if you want same username.
-if your followers will drop,please send me pm.i will fix it.

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User Ratings

  • eReputationFR
    eReputationFR 18 hours ago

    Good work, but I hope this time followers will not drop :'(

    • roksana95


  • eReputationFR
    eReputationFR 11 days ago

    Followers dropped one time... I have this time I will not have to recontact you several times to refill.. I regret, 3 months ago, the quality of the followers was great but now this is not good quality...

  • eReputationFR
    eReputationFR 11 days ago

    Ok good. I ordered a lot on this service and I can tell you that followers drop a lot and there is not refill after 1 month... A lot of issues with theses orders recently.. Very disappointed

    • roksana95

      please recheck.all are same as before ,nothing drop.
      this is for twitter update.
      if you see ,you can understant the quality of mine.
      thank you.

  • artcrazy23
    artcrazy23 14 days ago

    There's Roksana and then there's everyone else. She's the best because she's reliable, fast, and will never let you down. She even works when she's sick ... SEO Clerk's pro and hero! Thanks Roksana!

    • roksana95

      thank you very much...

  • deniseinvestor
    deniseinvestor 14 days ago


    • roksana95

      thank you.

  • eReputationFR
    eReputationFR 16 days ago

    Good work but I had to reorder because followers dropped a little bit ...

    • roksana95

      thank you.

  • JackoSmith
    JackoSmith 18 days ago

    Good job, completed quite quick, my only concern was most of the added followers have never tweeted, which in itself looks a bit suspicious if anyone was to look. Good job anyway. Thanks

    • roksana95

      • Thank you.

  • borisV
    borisV 19 days ago

    Recommend - Great work!!!

    • roksana95

      Thank you.

  • artcrazy23
    artcrazy23 19 days ago

    Roksana is reliable - prompt - in a nutshell she'd the best! I highly recommend her services!

    • roksana95


  • soljamark
    soljamark 24 days ago

    i still haven't received any followers

  • seolearn111
    seolearn111 28 days ago

    Roksana95 is absolutely the best seller I have ever found among all the different sellers in this and similar sites. She is accurate in what she promises and does it exactly as she promises. Please Keep up the good work! Than you so much!

    • roksana95

      Thank you so much.

Buyers Comments

  • pooky

    i love u sooooo much <3 great work. def gonna buy again. i was a bit skepticle when i started. im happy i did though. this was awesome

    4 years ago
  • roksana95

    If any question, contact me......

    3 years ago
  • asesor

    are real and warrant that all profiled in the picture? Please PM

    3 years ago
  • frandm

    Can I split? I need 35 accounts with 200 followers each.

    How much it'll cost me?

    3 years ago
  • roksana95

    that means you need 200 followers each in 35 accounts....
    total 7000 followers......
    yes possible...
    make quantity 8 for order.....

    3 years ago
  • FigmentMind

    Highly recommend this seller order came within 24 hours as promised and followers seem to be very high quality.
    Thanks will be buying again soon.

    2 years ago
  • Chickenlord

    Hey could you give me 350 followers on my twitter account? I dont need 7,000, ill pay full price!!!

    2 years ago
  • roksana95

    yes .i can give you.please order...
    Thank You.

    2 years ago
  • DarkShark

    Do these followers favorite and retweet

    2 years ago
  • roksana95

    i add only followers to this order.if you need retweet and fav you must be buy /order retweet & fav service. please check my retweet & fav gigs .
    Thank You.

    2 years ago
  • joko4

    I recommend this service

    2 years ago
  • bumbles

    How much for 20 K worldwide? I would be a returning customer if I get a great deal

    1 year ago
  • roksana95

    35$ for 20k worldwide followers....

    1 year ago
  • ChubaMama

    Thank you once again for your service, great as always!

    1 year ago
  • jczvm90

    can i purchase 250 retweets instead of the followers?

    11 months ago
  • mouthymedia

    Are they real follower or phone verified profiles that looks real to others ?

    6 months ago
  • austinsrover

    my followers dropped down to 2,696 from 3,200 after I purchased 500+ from you yesterday. Twitter acc: @romansleg

    4 months ago
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