• 8000 vie ws and 200 lik es to your YouTube video [Instant Start]
8,000 vie ws and 200 lik es to your YouTube video:
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  • Split to upto 4 videos per order.
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User Ratings

  • vpro
    vpro 8 months ago

    We are a go for that's a cool video premier and time to meet you and the girls and time for that I will not be in town this is the one we love the way it for the first time to get to be a good rapper you too and it is

  • LondonTantra
    LondonTantra 8 months ago

    Please help views all dropped..

    All views you added gone..

    Can you refill urgently!!!!

    Please check


    Video deranked off
    Another guys views gone also..


  • Gourhal
    Gourhal 9 months ago

    The best seller! Reccomend it! Very fast delivery

  • emmastream
    emmastream 9 months ago

    thank you awesome job i recommend

    BIGPT 9 months ago

    the vews are drop

  • Emirotheshakes
    Emirotheshakes 9 months ago

    Hi Vinot, my views are dropped from 13k to 9.7k today is this normal?

    would this happen as well if I order more views from you in the future?

  • Zack101
    Zack101 9 months ago

    The views went down on this video

    I don't think you're views stay long sadly

    BIGPT 9 months ago

    good work

  • Bell03
    Bell03 9 months ago

    Thanks alot! Seller was great

  • Keendy
    Keendy 10 months ago

    Why my videos just have 3500 views. I order you 8000 views. pls check and fix

  • Keendy
    Keendy 10 months ago

    Why my videos just have 900 views. I order you 8000 views. pls check and fix

Buyers Comments

  • elias8808

    I receive 1200 likes or more in my post?

    4 years ago
  • fgold

    will e likes be permanent? and if not like jokersteve said his likes are down to default...will you be able to update and add more likes?

    4 years ago
  • lika23

    You accept links to e-books? You take only one reference or more in one order?

    4 years ago
  • bd27

    do you do facebook fanpage?

    3 years ago
  • hatem1971


    1. Do you guarantee 1200 like to my facebook post?
    2. Can I use this service for my FB fan page?


    3 years ago
  • habagold

    can you split the likes and how many post can the like be splited

    3 years ago
  • habagold

    so if i order for 1200 likes you can split it on 12post 100 likes each on my facebook page

    3 years ago
  • habagold


    3 years ago
  • satmad0007

    Facebook post likes i am looking for about 30,000 from all metropolitan cites of INDIA Hyderabad , Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore , Kolkata, Chennai ... can you make it genuine like , please let me know i had continuous work for you

    3 years ago
  • nnextlevel

    Do split the likes? and for how many posts?

    3 years ago
  • chuong123

    can you embeb youtube video on fanpage and report link?

    3 years ago
  • w3logics

    You have got several thousands orders but whome post is on top of your facebook fan page.
    and it is on you that you are looking the latest post on top.
    actuallly I am looking your service for my website www.saharanpurfurniture.com. I am not very much satisfied with last service providers so I am a little confused
    about to hire again here on seo Clerk. Please let me know how you will ensure me about the services and these works effectively.

    3 years ago
  • muhdali19

    how much for 1000 facebook page like?

    2 years ago
  • ahmetx

    hi can you sent me 1 day 10.000 views and 100 likes ?

    2 years ago
  • instream

    Hi - very interesting offer but what about the view time, I need at least 80% of full video to be viewed , can you do it? If yes it may be less views but quality matters a lot. Is it possible?

    2 years ago
  • yoyoyome

    how long to start? need this right when video is up

    2 years ago
  • SyedAffan


    I have a video on youtube it contains 13K views, i need it to be shown around 200K ... Will you able to do it ? But i have just $20 to pay you for this services are you able to do this within 2 days. So let me know

    2 years ago
  • evalleydude

    Hi do you offer discount for return customers?

    2 years ago
  • Promptpromo1

    Could you provide these views/likes within 12-24 hours? Very interested

    2 years ago
  • Truongnq

    May i have 1 oder for many video? Thank you!

    2 years ago
  • OfficialSEOforU

    hello i am interested in this,
    how many days will need to give me 8000 views & 100 likes....?????

    2 years ago
  • vinothmech

    Will be processed within 12 - 24 hours

    2 years ago
  • OfficialSEOforU

    you mention that you give me 8000 views & 100 likes within 12-24 hours....?

    2 years ago
  • NancyPhamBridal

    Dear there !
    Nice offer. However,can I get most of views from Vietnam ?
    Last time, the seller give me view from countries not related to my business.

    2 years ago
  • queenbabyie

    hello how long will it take to add 50,000 views to youtube. also how much is fb post likes pls?


    1 year ago
  • 1dollar

    i ordered but i dont see where pu?t my yotube link???

    1 year ago
  • carlosjm12

    start right now? I need views very fast

    1 year ago
  • marclyn18

    hi do you have issue on views during this youtube update?

    1 year ago
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