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Keyword research is the main part of internet marketing. If you are targeting negative keywords than you are wasting your money. Because keywords bring traffic and determine what the traffic exactly want. If you want to boost your sales and revenue than go for the right keywords those will bring highly targeted traffic. The traffic which is interested to buy what you offer.

"Spend only 1$ to know your real keywords, Before spending Hundreds of dollars on SEO with Negative and worthless Keywords"...

How I can help you with keyword research-

- I will find 10 most targeted keywords for your site

*The keywords that people are searching when they want to buy or intereted in your product or service

- Low competetive and easy to rank

* The keywords that can be easily ranked TOP of Google with less effort and investment

- Drive good amount of traffic and have good search volume

* The keywords that have good number of real seraches. That can get you good amount of sales every month

You can use these keywords for both SEO and PPC purpose.

"After you place the order just provide us your website url, a little description about what you sale and 4-5 example keywords "


Exact monthly searches
Competition score
How many quality backlinks you need to rank TOP 5(Estimate)
Expected traffic by achieving TOP 5
Expected Number of sales you can get from that traffic

Know your real targeted keywords before spending a penny on SEO and PPC.....

Order this research service for 1$ and reveal the real targeted and most profitable keywords for your site...
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