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    it will take 2 days to complete the task.

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  • BlackHeel

    Hello, the lists have any connection to FB ? because fb put the site that i wanna promote as untrusted.

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    how much time does each visitor stay on the page? Is this Adsense safe?

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    Start Your Own AICPE – Education Center
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    Foundation of AICPE (All India Council for Professional Excellence) rests on the mantra that “ALL willing learners can succeed in the professional world, provided they’re offered the right platform; AND that lack of formal education is not a permanent disability. We always have an option to start & make a new life!”

    Welcome to www.aicpeindia.ac.in! We are (guided by academicians, professionals, & visionaries from diverse backgrounds) into designing career oriented programs for aspiring employees, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Our courses are aimed at helping candidates to become successful in their chosen occupation and open doors for them to find career in India as well as offshore careers.

    We have been awarded an ISO 9001:2008 by JAS-ANZ, The Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ), JAS-ANZ helps markets work better by providing internationally recognized accreditation services that create economic benefit. Our Certificate No. is Q-02151028 issued by Equalitas Certifications Limited. We have also being Awarded ISO 9001:2008 by UASL - United Ackreditering Services Limited, which is an independent accreditation body established to operate accreditation structure and promote quality through its own Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations. UASL was established in UK to provide accreditation to deliver on four goals relating to Integrity and Confidence, Trade Support, Linkages, and International Acceptance vide Certificate No. QMS/02920/1015 issued to us by Quality Control Certification.

    Why to franchise with AICPE ?
    Fastest Developing Educational Brand in India
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    Network of 400+ centers across the country
    Independent marketing and promotional activities
    Franchise Requirements:
    Area Required : 300 Sq. Ft. (with Growing Attitude)
    Investment : Rs. 10000
    Personal Skills

    Passion to Educate, Motivate & Guide students
    Strong will and determination to help, shape the future of many young and aspiring individuals
    Skills to Teach subjects in Computers, IT, Management, Marketing, Banking, Insurance
    Involved personally in the center operations
    Resident of the city OR should have knowledge of the city / town applied for
    Good managerial and administrative confidence
    AICPE Support:

    AICPE will guide the most impressive way to use and benefited by using the brand of AICPE.
    AICPE will provide a range of Short Term Skill Development Courses in Computers, IT, Management, Marketing, Banking, Insurance
    Syllabus Outline
    AICPE will provide Syllabus for the AICPE Certified range of Short Term Skill Development Courses in Computers, IT, Management, Marketing, Banking, Insurance
    AICPE Executives will always be connected via phone, email to provide guidance to improve all day-to-day activities, marketing activities, brand promotion, etc…
    AICPE will conduct the examinations of students on completion of course, online / offline exam facility is available
    AICPE will provide Certificates to all Successful students, through Franchise
    Advantages of AICPE Franchise:

    Lower Risks: Statistics consistently suggest that partnership with an established brand and a proven concept is more likely to succeed than with independent businesses
    Start-up assistance: With a great deal of accumulated experience franchisor can reduce mistakes that are costly in terms of both money and time
    Name recognition: AICPE being one of the most respected trusted and renowned in the education sector, you have the benefit of a nationally acclaimed name and brand
    Business plan: Help partners develop a business plan, including marketing and investment
    Proven system of operation: A proven system of operation developed and refined over the years to make the business a successful venture
    Educational excellence: Products and services will help in shaping the future of today's students bringing wide respectability in the community by shaping students’ career

    Easiest Online Franchise Application System.

    Please visit www.aicpeindia.ac.in > Franchisee > Online Franchisee Application

    Details of Courses

    Please visit www.aicpeindia.ac.in > Courses

    Sample Certificate and Other Franchise Features

    Please visit www.aicpeindia.ac.in > Courses

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    C o n t a c t – 8 4 2 1 4 5 6 7 8 9
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    These are the links i want to promote

    These are real solid research based articles with no adds no signup or anything. 100% legit
    Can you help me promote them?

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  • Njay65

    Would you be able to run the AD's in the U.S. only?

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  • MoNualNpo

    This work on Youtube?

    In wich pages this works?

    8 months ago
  • subnetweb

    I have few adult and pharma website for promotion .Do you will accept to promote?

    8 months ago

    pharma website possible but sorry can not do on adult site.

    8 months ago
  • malemsenen

    Fast Delivery And Nice Links,Good Job. Thank You

    2 months ago
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