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User Ratings

  • pexota248
    pexota248 1 day ago


    • Narayanram

      Great Buyer, A+

  • ayjmusic
    ayjmusic 2 days ago

    Very good Service!!

    • Narayanram

      Pleasure Experience with the Buyer, Super Recommended to everyone.

  • kodiji
    kodiji 2 days ago

    thanks you, grit job

    • Narayanram

      Great Buyer, A+

  • YaBishh
    YaBishh 2 days ago


    • Narayanram

      Great buyer, A+

  • rabbiweiner
    rabbiweiner 3 days ago

    Great my friend. I will be back!

    • Narayanram

      Pleasure Experience with the Buyer, Highly Recommended.

  • nedloyd
    nedloyd 3 days ago

    Thankz bro

    • Narayanram

      Welcome Friend, Pleasure Experience

  • Ajay22
    Ajay22 3 days ago

    Great Great Great

    • Narayanram

      Pleasure Experience with the buyer, Highly Recommended.

  • roziecakes
    roziecakes 4 days ago

    You are the absolute best! Your service is so much appreciated!! Thank you! I think you are my favorite seller on this entire site.

    • Narayanram

      Pleasure Experience with the Buyer, Super Recommended, Appreciate your valued Feedback, speed is coming more faster now, Thanks

  • karrolog
    karrolog 4 days ago

    Amazing as always

    • Narayanram

      Great Buyer, A+

  • Jojo1978
    Jojo1978 5 days ago


    • Narayanram

      Great Buyer, A+

  • YaBishh
    YaBishh 5 days ago

    Thank you!

    • Narayanram

      Outstanding Experience with the Buyer, Highly Recommended.

  • YaBishh
    YaBishh 7 days ago


    • Narayanram

      Pleasure Experience with the Buyer, Highly Recommended.

  • karrolog
    karrolog 10 days ago

    Thank you amazing service !! the best

    • Narayanram

      Great Buyer, A+

  • john0123
    john0123 26 days ago


    • Narayanram

      Great Buyer, A+

  • HighGradePromo
    HighGradePromo 1 month ago

    Hey man the video had 8,000 plays when u started. Can u please add a couple more thousand. The video was at 15,000 I paid for that from u and it went down. Please!

    • Narayanram

      Great Buyer, if there already running will be done 100% wait some hrs

  • YaBishh
    YaBishh 1 month ago

    Thank you! A+

    • Narayanram

      Great Buyer, A+

Buyers Comments

  • adming10

    How many views per day ? Can you custom offer for me ? please inbox.

    1 year ago
  • dudoi

    What is the retention in minutes?
    If my video has 15 minutes, how much retention do you guarantee?

    1 year ago
  • pre10da

    you still offering the service?

    11 months ago
  • Ayma

    One of the best sellers on this great site. Highly recommended

    11 months ago
  • Narayanram

    Thanks Ayma, Appericiate your valued Comment

    11 months ago
  • gurdeepsingh

    Do you work on video length 1hour - 10hours

    Will be 80%-100% Retention ?

    10 months ago
  • Skysowavy

    reliable source tho takes a long time to get the views..

    8 months ago
  • MauriPr

    whats is retetion in videos?

    8 months ago
  • danny234

    can u start if i order now?

    7 months ago
  • Narayanram

    Yes i can start now you can place the order Friend

    7 months ago
  • ashu777

    Remove your Comments from my service

    7 months ago
  • eduardmarius

    50 k views how many days you can generate ?

    5 months ago
  • Narayanram

    Hi All, we have started Windows Desktop Traffic Fully Safe Lifetime Guarantee so keep continues you will get very unique service from me. Every quantity you placed the order, always will get some Bonus views, start on time deliver on time.

    3 months ago
  • Pump101

    How many views do you deliver within first hour?

    2 months ago
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