• 700 Intensive Research and Authority Based Words
  • 700 Intensive Research and Authority Based Words
  • 700 Intensive Research and Authority Based Words
A professionally written content urge visitors to stay on your website!

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User Ratings

  • shahin48
    shahin48 4 months ago

    Hi Lisa.
    They are perfect. Very happy this time. If you did this the first time and maintained delivery time I would not have to look anywhere else. Thank you.

    If you have time to do more of these reviews please let me know. I will definitely use your service if you have time.
    Even though I will have totally different assignment from July-03rd, i can still spare some time on website development.

    Great Job and Many Thanks

    • lisa2

      Very happy to know that you are satisfied with the work, and yes, I am open for the next tasks. Thanks! 

  • melvinhines
    melvinhines 5 months ago

    nice thanks!

    • lisa2

      You are welcome. 

  • melvinhines
    melvinhines 6 months ago

    again an awesome job, thanks!

    • lisa2

      Thank you! 

  • melvinhines
    melvinhines 7 months ago

    awesome job again! thanks a alot!

  • rmemel
    rmemel 8 months ago

    Hired Lisa to write 3 articles on a rather obscure topic and am very pleased with her work! She followed directions perfectly, the articles were well researched and written. Thank you Lisa! Definitely recommend this seller.

    • lisa2

      Thanks Ronn for such great thoughts. Will love to working on your next orders. 

  • kairog
    kairog 2 years ago

    Very good!

    • lisa2


  • kairog
    kairog 2 years ago

    Thanks for the wonderful work. I'll get back when I am ready to ask for more.


    Are you OK with the idea of writing 50 articles (700 words each) all related to a general topic niche?

  • BeckRidge
    BeckRidge 2 years ago

    I cannot recommend this seller for any work. I used her twice to be fair in the process. First, the work was late...not necessarily a deal breaker if the content is worth waiting for...IT WASN'T! The content lacked any research and in one fifteen word sentence, the seller used the word "that" three times. I provided a story which could have served as the foundation for the content. It was relinquished to a mere mention. Text headers did not correlate to content. Seller avoids

  • jgallegos
    jgallegos 2 years ago

    Excellent service, fast delivery and well written! thx!

    • lisa2

      Thank you

  • euroids
    euroids 2 years ago

    Thank you good work.

    • lisa2

      Thank you

  • jimmy5
    jimmy5 3 years ago

    awesome gig

    • lisa2

      Great buyer, Thanks

  • seodealz
    seodealz 3 years ago

    Brilliant work. I was at first skeptical about the writing, but after a test order, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of work she was able to put out. She produced a well thought and researched article, keywords appropriately placed, professional tone and correct grammar. Highly recommended.

    • lisa2

      Great buyer, thanks for the honest words about my work.

  • punch67
    punch67 3 years ago

    Great Job

    • lisa2

      Great buyer, Thanks

  • dennyfar
    dennyfar 3 years ago

    Thank's Lisa, I really Like Your Articles

    • lisa2

      Thank you very much

  • maria123
    maria123 3 years ago

    much better

    • lisa2


  • yoelis
    yoelis 3 years ago

    Thank you for an excellent work

    • lisa2

      Great Buyer

  • ktechsol
    ktechsol 3 years ago

    It’s engaging as described, Nice work, fast delivery, will keep you in mind for next order.
    I highly recommend this service to other buyers, she did awesome job no need of correction simply copy & paste her content.

    • lisa2

      Great Buyer, Thank You!

Buyers Comments

  • AamirMunir

    Hi Can you write article on Photography? like newborn photography, wedding photography etc?

    3 years ago
  • lisa2

    Hello amir,
    Thank you for your message, yes I can write on it.

    3 years ago
  • yaconsyrup

    Can you provide me daily articles - i need one article (700 words) / day.
    PM pls.
    Thank you!

    3 years ago
  • harishjni

    Please provide sample of your work in Fashion related niche.

    2 years ago
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