• UNLIMITED Daily USA Visitors Traffic Campaign
Get UNLIMITED daily visitors from the USA with this traffic campaign!

I will create your campaign so that you receive only targeted visits from U.S. country IP addresses AND you get a dashboard where you have complete unlimited control over changing the daily amount to suit your own needs. The default is about 100 per day for 30 days (3000+ total), but if you need the visits delivered faster, then you can do so...no problem!!

The biggest advantage to this setup with controlling the flow of your traffic is when you have a product or service that is time sensitive or works best targeting a specific day or hour.

For example, if you wish to target people online during the afternoon hours (ie. stay at home Moms), then you can pause the visitor flow until the hour you want it to start and then unpause it. Or, if you have something that typically suits a weekend audience, then pause your campaign all week and then start it just on the weekends. It's YOUR choice of how this USA traffic gets sent!!

Note: We use ONLY REAL PEOPLE (no bots, EVER!!), but the frame we use to filter by IP does NOT track well with 3rd party software (including GA), so you must compare our stats with your own server logs for a detailed assessment. Also, we cannot guarantee sales or opt-ins (NO seller can), as we have zero control over what a real person does. Also, your site cannot have javascript popping windows (nothing that pops up when trying to close the browser window) or framebreaking script.

We wish you all the best with your campaigns. Thank you!!

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  • ImChatterbox

    Hi their
    i recently started cpa and other click services work.
    ur which service will be best for me..
    i have a ad sense account...but no site...working on a blog...can u help on that.
    would love to talk and take services of such a senior and experienced person.
    please do contact

    4 years ago
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