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I will provide you 10 comments 50 likes 250 views
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User Ratings

  • johnng022
    johnng022 2 months ago

    Good work, will come back for more

  • kpp138
    kpp138 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for your help... hope to work again...

  • Nekodiego
    Nekodiego 2 months ago

    All good and delivered!

  • Nekodiego
    Nekodiego 4 months ago

    Very polite service. Fast delivery. All good!

  • buohcom
    buohcom 6 months ago

    It took a long time, but seller delivered the views. Good job!

  • deezygang
    deezygang 7 months ago

    yo since i paid 4 bucks n u said u only charge 3 can i jus buy another one n u do another video

  • buohcom
    buohcom 7 months ago

    Seller Delivered. Thank you!

  • buohcom
    buohcom 7 months ago

    GREAT! Thank you!

  • Trushon
    Trushon 7 months ago

    order was not delivered at all

  • webSorin
    webSorin 8 months ago

    Seller delivered as promised and on time.
    Thank you!

Buyers Comments

  • Xyphien

    Are these genuine people? Is it adsence, safe, ect. I am monitizing my videos so I need to know this info

    6 years ago
  • seoclerks007

    evev im monetizing..i think it is safe...since all are using this..it must be safe

    6 years ago
  • Superhuman

    Hello, can I split these likes comments and views on 10 different videos?

    5 years ago
  • diver79

    Hi, where are the views from? Is it US targeted or what country?

    4 years ago
  • jojuan2004

    it has been 2 days and the seller have not responded to my order or mesages

    4 years ago
  • Enock

    Before proceeding with the purchase I wanted to know: I have the youtube partnership there are problems for the views, comments?

    4 years ago
  • TheRealRio

    2. Stay long time in your Facebook profile.
    3. 100% Real & Genuine Work
    4. Provided Facebook follower Quality Very High

    bro its youtube not facebook

    4 years ago
  • vinceb

    Hello, do I provide the 10 comments?
    and how many days can you do drip?

    11 months ago
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