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What we need is an interface built to the TWAIN specification which is a .d...

  • pamila
    pamila Level 2
  • Laravel, Php, Programm

    I need you to create me an app based on an android version that is not offe...

  • kapi108
    kapi108 Level 1
  • Develope, Androidd, Iosdevel

    Professional Dynamic Video status App for 5 Professional Dynamic Video stat...

  • haleem
    haleem Level 1
  • Applicat, App, Apps

    Require freelancers to run our 5 server sessions for 30 days in their serve...

  • sgakumbakonam
    sgakumbakonam Level 2
  • Server, Space, Run

    Immediate requirement for a small project - looking for a freelancer who ha...

  • RiyaJani
    RiyaJani Level 3
  • Programm, Program, Programm

    I need an APP for mobilephones, its something easy but I don t know how to ...

  • nultymoemail
    nultymoemail Level 3
  • Programm, Programm, Apps

    Visit I want someone to make an iOS app for this site . Cont...

  • neokmz
    neokmz Level 1
  • Iphone, Ipad, App

    Hi there. I am publishing apps myself, but Google only allows 14 to be publ...

  • paraglajder
    paraglajder Level 1
  • Android, Google, Play

    I need a moderately easy to use program to use on a mac osx 10.11.13 comput...

  • madsquirrelprod
    madsquirrelprod Level 1
  • Programm, Socialme

    hello i need a software for get appointment date from this web page http: i...

  • DoctorOfSeo
    DoctorOfSeo Level 1
  • C, Php, Net

    I need Android programmer developer, which can create for me simple game wi...

  • GameLoader
    GameLoader Level 3
  • Androidd, Androida, Programm

    im looking for somone who creat for me games app for android with admob cod...

  • Aminuxx
    Aminuxx Level 1
  • Android, App, Admob

    1.i want application with creative name 2.if a person like this application...

  • seozaib
    seozaib Level 1
  • Androidd, Facebook, Facebook

    I have been getting a lot of requests for a mobile app for my shopping webs...

  • keiracrtr
    keiracrtr Level 1
  • Html5, Jquery, Prototyp

    I have a web design mobile application SEO firm and I m looking to expand w...

  • ack3
    ack3 Level 1
  • Sales, Rep, Reps

    Hello.. I am looking for https: haahaacontest ?fb source ...

  • rajuseoindia
    rajuseoindia Level 3
  • Facebook, Applicat, Subscrib

    A wordpress site http: is totally free classified...

  • rawalprashant
    rawalprashant Level 1
  • Wordpres, Seo

    i need a developer to develop an iOS app like My Talking Pet. https: itunes...

  • iTunesRatings
    iTunesRatings Level 1
  • Ios, Xcode, Iphone

    I have a desktop application developed by freelance programmers 3 years ago...

  • pathvinod1
    pathvinod1 Level 1
  • Android, C, Java

    I am looking to hire somebody to built an application for my music site , w...

  • diazites
    diazites Level 1
  • Applicat, Developm, script

    i want 30 website content on software related topics all fresh and unique c...

  • surajpatel4ever
    surajpatel4ever Level 1
  • Content, Writer

    I want to create an App for Iphone, Andoid and Windows , same app to access...

  • Lisa1990
    Lisa1990 Level 1
  • iphone, android, programm

    i am looking for some one who can make me facebook viral application for my...

  • ahmed497
    ahmed497 Level 1