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I need data collected from the internet for 6 values for 340 rows. I need t...

  • technicalseo
    technicalseo Level 1
  • Dataentr, Excel, Google

    I can do create 1000 signatures for from USA. You can tell me if...

  • aziz717
    aziz717 Level 1
  • Account, Signup, Link

    Hello, this task needs you to copy paste the information from a website int...

  • buds26
    buds26 Level 1
  • Dataentr, Excel

    Hello, need to insert two sheets including database and transform them by m...

  • monshery2
    monshery2 Level 1
  • Excel, Imacros, Programm

    Hello! i need someone to copy the names of courses from a website onto a sp...

  • creative2018
    creative2018 Level 1
  • Dataentr, Data, Datacoll

    i have an excel document, it has 1300 names and addresses in cells, the inf...

  • webspam
    webspam Level 1
  • Data, Entry, Excel

    This job is to create a football statistics database on Excel that would co...

  • samba270
    samba270 Level 1
  • Excel, Data, Database

    I m from Egypt I like Ms. excel very much.. I make simple spreadsheets and ...

  • YasmeenEtman
    YasmeenEtman Level 1
  • Excel, Financia

    I have a list of 387 airports from USA in a csv file. All you have to do is...

  • meme12
    meme12 Level 1
  • Dataentr, Google, Research

    I need excel expert for my company for the period of 12 months. This means ...

  • subnetweb
    subnetweb Level 3
  • Excel, Seo, Googlede

    Looking for someone to find for me 150 bloggers in a specific niche using W...

  • daronch
    daronch Level 1
  • Dataentr

    Hello! Download our chat server from https: BZktdX and connect with ...

  • audreyjones
    audreyjones Level 1
  • Dataentr, Copy, Paste

    Hello I need someone who can grab scrape all song titles & artist name ...

  • saputrad
    saputrad Level 1
  • Data, Scraping, Excel

    Thanks for viewing my Gig Here I am looking forward to work with you with 1...

  • shamim894
    shamim894 Level 1
  • Dataentr, Typing, Word

    I was wondering if you could create a python script for me? I would like th...

  • Ekoch1997
    Ekoch1997 Level 1
  • Python, Scraping, Data

    I was wondering if you could create a python script for me? I would like th...

  • Ekoch1997
    Ekoch1997 Level 1
  • Python, Scraping, Data

    Want your document to be attractive and stand out professionally. Want grea...

  • mjitu1992
    mjitu1992 Level 1
  • Ms, Office, Docoment

    I am looking for a very simple website script to provide me with specific i...

  • brandonberner
    brandonberner Level 1
  • Programm, Excel, Csv

    Hi guys, today im looking for someone who can make me an professional Gantt...

  • PiHa
    PiHa Level 3
  • Excel, Professi, Reliable

    Hi I will provide you an online directory of companies, you will collect th...

  • Zee2zee
    Zee2zee Level 1
  • Dataentr, Excel, Copy

    I have two email accounts that I received CVs and Resumes , Certificates . ...

  • fivewebsol
    fivewebsol Level 1
  • Dataentr, Database, Copy

    HI, I have two papers attached below can you put them in an excel data shee...

  • ermias90
    ermias90 Level 1
  • Spreedsh, Excel, Dataentr

    https: open?id 0By2NS5StRAdZMW1lSEJrbHRJekE there is the a...

  • Dilandiran
    Dilandiran Level 1
  • Stats, Statisti, Math

    Hi guys, maybe someone can help me out. I have some datas and i need to hav...

  • PiHa
    PiHa Level 3
  • Excel, Graph, Diagramm

    Hi. I wanted a Excel expert, who can create a script in excel for compare t...

  • michalpikulak
    michalpikulak Level 1
  • Excel

    I have an excel spreadsheet that I need the data formatted into a readable ...

  • FB101
    FB101 Level 1
  • Excel, Data

    Are you Strong Skilled on Microsoft Excel ! All You have to do is Convert M...

  • shamax
    shamax Level 3
  • Exce, Office, Msexcel

    Hello, i need a help for finding colors names for for 5000 items from their...

  • rhd12
    rhd12 Level 1
  • Excel, Internet, Color

    I have approximately records in a pdf page format that I need the Company N...

  • FB101
    FB101 Level 1
  • Data, Dataentr, Excel

    You have to collect 1500 image links from a website and paste them to a exc...

  • rhd12
    rhd12 Level 1
  • Dataentr, Excel

    We are looking to have an 85 page PDF document turned into an excel documen...

  • rabbi51383
    rabbi51383 Level 1
  • Data, Entry, Processi

    Create in excel a list of temp staffing agency companies as instructed belo...

  • ronaldfilian
    ronaldfilian Level 3
  • Searchin, Data, Exel

    Hi friends! I need a XLS list with info on companies personalities in speci...

  • martice
    martice Level 1
  • Google, Search, Research

    I have a list of about 468 mixed android ios sites I have another list of a...

  • TheRealRio
    TheRealRio Level 3
  • Excel, Spreadsh

    Searching someone who have knowledge in Microsoft Office programs mostly Wo...

  • malashev
    malashev Level 1
  • Microsof, Office, Word

    I have 1,500 links that I need visited. Here is what I need: Step 1: Visit ...

  • msayle
    msayle Level 1
  • Data, Entry, Assistan

    I will give you a list of 150 prodcut name only title and some usefull fiel...

  • prouseradmin
    prouseradmin Level 1
  • Dataentr, Data, Entry

    I want you to take excel file containing 20 categories colums and over 500 ...

  • mintrich
    mintrich Level 1
  • Visualba, Excel, Crm

    Please view this series of image files, i would like image one is one page ...

  • mintrich
    mintrich Level 1
  • Excel, Visualba

    I have a excel tracker Explained below Free available in the market any one...

    HSBCCUST Level 1
  • Ms, Excell, Excel