• KEYWORD Targeted Google Organic TRAFFIC


✔ 100% Track able through Google Analytics,
✔ Keyword Targeted Traffic,
✔ 100% AdSense Safe and Increase AdSense Impressions,
✔ Low Bounce rate - less than 30% !!
✔ Increase Ranking in Alexa, SERP and Google Search Engine,
✔ 95% from USA and Others are Europe,
✔ Safe from Penguin. Panda and Hummingbird,
✔ Traffic duration is High - more than 45 sec to 2.5 minutes !!
✔ Each and every view is Unique IP and New location,
✔ No bots/Jingling/hitlap/proxies,
✔ 100% White Hat Method.

Spread Days :
Here You can spread Traffic duration as follows.. please mention in order requirement clearly which package you have placed order and for how many days do you want to spread this...
If not provided duration in order requirement, then we will provide "default" duration as stated below..

Basic 1$ Package -
  • Guaranteed Minimum 200+ hits per day for 5 days (Default)
  • Guaranteed Minimum 100+ hits per day for 10 days

Extra 1 : 2$ -
  • Guaranteed Minimum 400+ hits per day for 5 days (Default)
  • Guaranteed Minimum 200+ hits per day for 10 days
  • Guaranteed Minimum 100+ hits per day for 20 days

Extra 2 : 4$ -
  • Guaranteed Minimum 800+ hits per day for 5 days
  • Guaranteed Minimum 400+ hits per day for 10 days (Default)
  • Guaranteed Minimum 200+ hits per day for 20 days

​​Extra 3 : 10$ -
  • Guaranteed Minimum 1000+ hits per day for 10 days (Default)
  • Guaranteed Minimum 500+ hits per day for 20 days
  • Guaranteed Minimum 300+ hits per day for 30 days

If you want to more bulk Traffic, Please checkout our bulk Traffic Package details

Please be NOTE :
  • YouTube, Adfly, Signup, Affiliate, Adult and Drag sites Traffic will not be provided
  • you can provide upto 3 keywords per 1 URL if it less than 5$ service and you can provide upto 5 keywords if it is for more than 5$ service.
  • Here we are driving traffic from Google search using your Keywords.
  • You may receive Sales but not guaranteed !!

All The orders will be delivered within 2 - 5 days and It will be continued till reach all the targeted days
24 * 7 Customer Service Available

If there any issue in our traffic we will REFUND YOU 100% if you let us in less than 3 days after starts your traffic !!​

Traffic for More 2 Days !! - Conditions will be provided in Deliver Note !!

If you have more Inquiry or Suggestions or questions please feel free to contact us any time !!

All the my services are exclusively on seoclerks.com/user/OnlineMarket7

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User Ratings

  • juliejasper
    juliejasper 15 days ago

    Awesome work!!!! Really low bounce rate and the seller over delivers. This is just amazing! I recommend this seller, she pays attention to details and has really good customer support. Very responsive too. I can go on and on.

    • onlinemarket7

      Outstanding Experience and we are looking forward to work more

  • insighttech
    insighttech 1 month ago

    Great as always. Outstanding Experience!

  • insighttech
    insighttech 1 month ago

    Outstanding Experience! Great as always.

  • insighttech
    insighttech 1 month ago

    Great as always. Outstanding Experience!

  • rexn11
    rexn11 1 month ago

    thank you so much,
    again delivering a wonderful service
    We will continue doing business with you
    kind regards

    • onlinemarket7

      we are looking forward to work more and more. as always outstanding experience.. Thank you

  • benolr
    benolr 2 months ago

    Ok. Thanks.

    • onlinemarket7

      Outstanding Experience :-) 

  • kongtimeng
    kongtimeng 2 months ago

    Good services. i will buy again

    • onlinemarket7

      Outstanding Experience :-) 

  • hirelancer
    hirelancer 2 months ago

    thank you

    • onlinemarket7

      Outstanding Experience :-) 

  • Bizwonder
    Bizwonder 2 months ago

    Great work - as always!

    • onlinemarket7

      Outstanding Experience :-) 

  • frankef
    frankef 2 months ago

    Great seller and great communication. The traffic is already showing up on my blog. Thanks, I will order again soon.

    • onlinemarket7

      Great experience. Thank you and Outstanding Experience :-) 

  • kudujuce
    kudujuce 2 months ago

    I will definitely buy from this seller again. The service was delivered as promised and in a timely manner.

    • onlinemarket7

      Thank you very much. Outstanding Experience :-) 

  • kudujuce
    kudujuce 2 months ago

    This seller did a great job and delivered as promised. I will definitely buy from this seller again.

    • onlinemarket7

      Great to work with you. Looking forward to work more  

  • Bizwonder
    Bizwonder 2 months ago

    wonderful work - as always!

  • insighttech
    insighttech 2 months ago

    Outstanding Experience! Great as always, Thumbs Up!

    • onlinemarket7

      Great to work with you. Outstanding Experience :-) 

Buyers Comments

  • Welshwizard

    Hi looking to order 200 hits for 20 days , can you send the traffic from only the UK ? please let me know

    2 years ago
  • onlinemarket7

    we can target other than USA in only 2 packages
    High Quality: 100k traffic - click HERE
    Keyword : 80k traffic - click HERE

    2 years ago
  • InternetMaster

    Hi, If i provide google shorten link will you accept ! beacause i want to track it from googlr analytics

    2 years ago
  • adilk0870

    can you give me country targeted traffic i want Indian traffic tell me can you do this

    2 years ago
  • lovethokoh

    can you do redirect website and keyword below

    1 http://track.mobetrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=368&aff_id=293184

    KW1 sales webinar

    KW2 automated webinar

    KW3 Marketing webinars

    KW4 webinar services

    KW5 advertising webinar

    2 years ago
  • mdanwarhc

    Hello, I want traffic for artsdrawing.com. Review the site first and tell me, can you keep the bounce rate below 25% with your traffic and 80% from USA and Canada?

    2 years ago
  • onlinemarket7

    Yes we can drive Traffic for your domain.
    Our traffic has average less than 35% bounce rate and 50 sec to 3 mins stay time duration. It might vary site to site and it depends in in your quality of website , loading time of your website, interest contents , etc..
    for the less than 75$ package we can target only from USA ..

    if you want other country please checkout our high quality traffic package
    Thank You

    2 years ago
  • mdanwarhc

    Your package contains a feature as noted below:

    " Low Bounce rate - less than 30% !!"

    Moreover, I gave you a URL to evaluate the quality of the site and without evaluating, you answered my query, which proves that you are not fully capable. good luck.

    2 years ago
  • onlinemarket7

    Evaluate Quality !?
    We have no idea what's your issue ! Thank You

    2 years ago
  • prk123

    my blogspot suitable for your service.


    2 years ago
  • g2gbiz

    check if this kind of site is accepted, www.jobforme.com.ng

    2 years ago
  • onlinemarket7

    Please checkout the link and send it correctly.

    2 years ago
  • g2gbiz

    is this site suitable for the service, check www.jobforme.com.ng

    2 years ago
  • g2gbiz


    2 years ago
  • onassis

    Can you work on http://surestakes.com/

    2 years ago
  • adilk0870

    how much keyword should i provide you

    2 years ago
  • onlinemarket7

    You can provide up to 2 keywords for less than 5$ order

    2 years ago
  • VirRad

    Hi there, Will i be able to track visitors with my own tracking analytics?

    2 years ago
  • rabiaanum

    i need traffic for this URL for the keywords

    how to record audio on mac
    mac audio recorder
    record audio on mac
    audio recorder mac free
    record audio on mac book

    2 years ago
  • johnyraman

    i need to get 50 hits for 20 days @ 1$

    Can you provide this service

    2 years ago
  • print6999


    it is SINGAPORE TRAFFIC as i only want SINGAPORE TRAFFIC ...so how much and how to start from -- $ 5 is for 1 month or 1 day and how many visitor for 1 day etc

    it is based on google.com.sg and using keyword search to increase CTR and need visit internal page

    2 years ago
  • scyther

    US, CA & UK Traffic possible?

    2 years ago
  • infa02

    Can you send High retention and low bounce traffic to below below Quora link

    1 year ago
  • darell1986

    I ordered the service, but still not see the traffic, please give me the update, thanks.

    1 year ago
  • drmasoud

    is the price monthly or once off

    1 year ago
  • mdtorik

    can you send traffic from Bangladesh only?

    1 year ago
  • Aribgist

    Hello,I have checked your review ,but I don't find one thing, out of 300 daily will visitors at least click on 5 advert per day?
    if I'm interested if they can do it
    pls I need urgent reply

    1 year ago
  • mauris99

    do you get traffic for landing pages like this one


    1 year ago
  • yousef01

    What is the source of traffic?
    Is traffic exchange sites?

    1 year ago
  • allaxegan

    Can you do 15 days split instead 30 days ?

    6 months ago
  • speaker1984

    How much maximum Ukrainian traffic availiable?

    5 months ago
  • Combizopp

    can you make it 30-50 visit per day for 25-30 days please?

    5 months ago
  • Jovis4

    Hello, still available to order?

    4 months ago
  • benolr

    Can we submit unlimited keywords per order?

    2 months ago
  • Seotrack1

    I would like to buy this traffic from you.
    Would you provide a link to check the stats, e.g clicks?
    How many keywords do you allow per link?
    How soon will i get it?
    Where is the majority of this traffic coming from?


    2 months ago
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