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Dear all client now i given
7000+ Spot Plays! BEST & Cheapest service here! HQ Plays

This is the best Sp0tif PLAY service on seoclerk. Check my orders in progress & my feedback. None of my competitors
are doing so many orders and have such great feedback from happy
Check my feedback. A lot of returning customers ( great service).

  • >> 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • >> No Drop on Followers (Stay permanent)
  • >> High Quality Spot Plays.
  • >> Fast Start
  • >> HQ USA Plays ( All USA plays ) (Mixed Top EU Countries can be added on playlist plays )
  • >> No password Required ( just your track's link (URL))
  • >> Slow , Safe & Drip Feed Reliable Delivery ( we can setup custom delivery on big orders)
  • >> Get Royaltees
  • >> Rank higher and make your tracks known!
  • >> 60 seconds play minimum ( up to 120). ( my competitors are doing 40 seconds plays. POINT)
  • >> Direct supplier of sp0tify services, so you'll get top notch services
    & customer support! Super fast support if needed as we're handling
    the deliveries ourself, not outsourcing them.
  • >> You can split a big order among multiple songs ! ( Recommended)
  • >> Minimum per song is 3k plays. If you want to add multiple songs you'll have to buy extras below!
The plays will be delivered slow ~ 0.3k-3k per day max (depending on the
site of the order )so they will be safe and good for royaltees ( it will
take a few days to update on their Spot tracking system). The order
will be completed once the plays will show in your spot App.
We are always over delivering! If you're happy, we're happy!

If you want plays delivered on your custom playlist check our other service just for Playlist Plays.
CHECK EXTRAS BELOW FOR DISCOUNTS. The bigger the order, the bigger the
discount ;). You can get 1 mil as low as 1.5$ per k ( that's 50% off the
regular price. Perfect for Studios & Resellers).

You can add multiple links in bigger orders

Add extras to your order

Order Now ($13)
*includes the price of the service

User Ratings

  • justjoemusic
    justjoemusic 5 months ago

    didnt do nothing at all. I tried to cancel the order and he refused mutual cancellation, he took my money and ran, did nothing. Avoid this seller at all cost! I will be taking this up with seoclerks.

  • Cbender99
    Cbender99 5 months ago

    Hello, I checked my Spotify page and there is still only 20,560 views on the song that I ordered. The order is not complete. Can you fix this?

  • Ecksell
    Ecksell 7 months ago

    many thanks for you work

    • fastfollowerz2

      welcome waiting next big order

  • Idekanymore
    Idekanymore 7 months ago

    still not 10000 but whatever

    • fastfollowerz2

      also got you extra no worry

  • yasurashinohara
    yasurashinohara 8 months ago



  • Goodbrutha2
    Goodbrutha2 9 months ago

    Thank you

    • fastfollowerz2

      wating next order

  • promoher
    promoher 9 months ago


    • fastfollowerz2

      Thanks for buy from me

  • Biancagarcia19
    Biancagarcia19 9 months ago

    Great promotion thank

    • fastfollowerz2

      welcome sir waiting next order

  • 0000Deus
    0000Deus 11 months ago

    Awesome Thank you !

    • fastfollowerz2

      Thanks boss

  • Biancagarcia19
    Biancagarcia19 11 months ago

    Awesome I got more out this promotion, thank you so much

    • fastfollowerz2

      wellcome sir waiting next order

  • tmosaori
    tmosaori 11 months ago

    I don't see 7k plays. I see under 6k

    • fastfollowerz2

      dude check track now

  • bigeyespromo
    bigeyespromo 11 months ago

    great job. thanks!

    • fastfollowerz2

      Thanks sir, waiting next order

  • youtopmarketing
    youtopmarketing 12 months ago

    very good! thanks

    • fastfollowerz2

      Welcome and thanks

  • Biancagarcia19
    Biancagarcia19 1 year ago

    Awesome job got more plays good Promotion thank you

Buyers Comments


    HEy! I'm interested of this!

    The 7k are for a playlist, or for just a single track?

    12 months ago
  • luvcraft

    You write it is possible to get mixed Europe, too? This would be what I want.

    All the best, Cris

    2 months ago
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