• 5,000 TIDAL streams for one track
  • 5,000 TIDAL streams for one track
  • 5,000 TIDAL streams for one track
When it comes to numbers, TIDAL pays BY FAR the most. We're talking approximately $11.5 every 1,000 original plays!
It might sound like it's not too much, but for a musician starting their career, this is significant. Not just because of the money, but because your TIDAL profile will be rising in popularity and will receive more attention. In addition, it's likely you're not receiving these amount of plays on the platform.

The playlist your track will be added to plays 24/7 non-stop by a group of 12 real people and a several other proxies (we hold up to 80k at the moment). The tracks are played for an average of 60-80s and switch proxies automatically, while our own plays are from start to finish.
Daily plays ranges around 800-1.2k for this
We accept all genres by the way!

Are you ready to invest in your music?
Then go ahead and order now!

I recommend keeping in mind that your music will always struggle to move forward without marketing and making moves. Our services will provide you some extent of exposure, but to get fans that praise you and follow you everywhere, that requires more than just streams!

NOTE (for extras)
These are not drip feed.
If you want drip feed please acquire the extra!
The extras discounts are based on every 5k plays being worth $35. (In case you want to calculate your savings).
If you order twice, contact me before 3rd order for a special returning customer promotion!

You'll be saving with us, as well as making an income.
If every 1000 plays are worth around $11.5, you will make around $57.5 for a regular order, gaining $22.5.
If you invest into larger orders, you save more and gain more.

Your earnings excluding payment (approximately)
5k -> $57.5
10k -> $115
20k -> $230
30k -> $345
50k -> $575
100k -> $1,150
150k -> 1,725
250k -> $2,875
500k -> $5,750
1m -> $11,500
(these numbers are mostly assuming they'll pay $11.5 and not more, but recently they were $12 per 1k plays)

Our prices are fair.

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  • Industrybeats
    Industrybeats 25 days ago

    Thank you i'm taken your word for it i will be back soon

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    tanu100 1 month ago

    Good work

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      awesome buyer! thank you for working with us!

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    Thank you! I appreciate it!! Let me know how everything progresses!

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      Awesome buyer and musician! Very happy to have worked with taeto!

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    Good work

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      Awesome buyer, very glad to work with, very patient.

  • Ecksell
    Ecksell 4 months ago

    great excellent service..................... I was recommend anyone for this service very fast....... very effective...............delivered everything stated ..............I will use this service again

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      Extremly happy to have worked with this incredible buyer. The process was easy, communication was quick and hassle free!

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    candymanempire 4 months ago

    Excellent work and communication.
    yes please sent me the notepad

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      Always extremely happy to work with candymanempire, one of the best buyers we've had the pleasure to assist!

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    Dope Services. Thanks!

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    Thanks guys! Excellent service! Great work.

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      Awesome, very happy whenever the opportunity arises for us to work with talented musicians. Also a very patient buyer.

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    Thanks! Great seller. Excellent communication! I highly recommend.

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Buyers Comments

  • foreverflyent

    Hey, how long does it take to deliver 100k? I'm interested in this.

    5 months ago
  • itsabc

    With the custom drip feed extra up to 55 days.
    With the regular order around 15-20 days.

    5 months ago
  • itsabc

    $1500 for 500k (price of 400k), but we haven't worked such a large amount on a single song ever. I'd suggest if you were to want that order, to split upon various songs.

    5 months ago
  • itsabc

    yes, on TIDAL only subscribed members can listen

    5 months ago
  • itsabc

    Yes! and as of now, some customers have reported receiving royalties for January plays just this month.
    TIDAL may report late to some distributors, but they're actually paying $10 every 1k plays reportedly (at least for Europe)

    1 month ago
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