• 2 Banner Ad Spots On 40000 Member GPT Reward Site
Do you have a really cool looking banner but nowhere to show it? Are you a victim of banner blindness? Well, you no longer need to suffer!!

This listing is very specific, so please read carefully! I will place your banner in TWO (2) different pages on my 40000+ member GPT reward website for ONE low price for one month. One banner will go on the login/register page, so it will be the FIRST thing new members see when joining my site AND the banner will also go on the main member page where all members see the offers available to them.

It is well known by online marketers that potential customers need to see something more than once to become interested in it, so with your banners on both pages for repeat viewing this will give you maximum exposure!

NOTE: This service for banner ads is NOT measured by impressions, as it's about gaining exposure to a specific kind of MMO niche audience. If you just want 1000's of meaningless impressions, then there are lots of other sellers who provide that. However, if you have a "make money" or internet marketing link then I have the perfect audience for you. Get the right kind of exposure now!


- Your banner should be to a "make money online" type of link, as that is what my site attracts are people looking to earn, so other GPT sites, PTC's, etc, work best. NOT product pages!

- Your banner can be any size, but not too huge (no HPA). 728x90 works best.

- Traffic stats: Top 3 countries that visit are people from USA, Canada, UK (in that order)

- Your banner will be seen by members ONLY, as it will be posted inside the logged in pages.

- I cannot guarantee activity, but if you have a good MMO banner, then you should get clicks to it.

Send a message if you have any questions. I will only give out the url through PM.


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  • nvdoug
    nvdoug 12 days ago

    Hey friend, this is a little bit of a scam, you never mentioned that only logged in members could see the banners, I also could not log in as you didnt tell me what email to use. You should be clear about these things, not happy, enjoy my 4 dollars, no one will ever see my banners, doug

    PS it's not the 4 dollars, it is the deception.

    • Asmodeus

      Read my description. It's right there:  "Your banner will be seen by members ONLY, as it will be posted inside the logged in pages."

      Further, the login is EXACTLY as I gave it to you. It doesn't use an email, which is why none was give, Please read everything carefully so you understand what you are buying.

      Enjoy your day!

  • zevez
    zevez 19 days ago

    Hello Asmo,
    Banner looks great and directs properly thank you. I will be monitoring activity closely as will a few of my close associates. Traffic is a commodity and everyone wants good traffic. Hoping for the best.

    I see your Alexa rank at
    9,029,325 Would have been nice to have this information prior to ordering. Perhaps I should offer banner placement at my site with Alexa ranking of 6,253,063? Not too sure if customers would appreciate that.

    Looks as if you have had this

    • Asmodeus

      I haven't checked my Alexa in years, as it's irrelevant to that site, since it's the MEMBERS who are seeing your opportunity, not outside traffic/visitors. Random outside visitors won't see your banners, as they wouldn't care, but the members do, and there are new ones joining everyday. The site is listed at the Amazon forums as the 3rd best GPT site and has been around for over 10 years. Thanks!

  • chief14pa
    chief14pa 6 months ago

    thank you for your on time delivery

  • sandal
    sandal 9 months ago

    Thank you. Great seller. I did everything quickly and efficiently.

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