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Service details | This is why our service is the best:

- PR9 PR10 social signals / bookmarks / shares
- Full report! (1, 2, 3 = checker tool ; 4 = Post link)
- No drops (Change of final URL = change in the numbers)
- Delivery: Up to 5 days
- IP address: Unique
- All niches & languages (NO adult/casino)
- Support: 24/7
- Order quantity: You can order multiple times for the same URL, 1 order at a time

Ordering procedure:
- After ordering please read the service instructions on your order page
- Provide #1 Absolute URL (https://seoclerk.com/ , and not seoclerk.com) and #2 Number of signals your URL already has - post a screenshot of the checker tool's results, or you can manually write them as you will see in the service instructions. If you don't post (2) then we will, meaning no complains will be accepted later!
- Patiently wait for a delivery within 5 days

User Ratings

  • king786khan
    king786khan 10 months ago

    Thank you very much. Recommended Seller!!!

  • shohugbond
    shohugbond 1 year ago

    Do you send social signal youtube channel ?

  • xvx777
    xvx777 1 year ago

    Many Thanks!

  • panseo
    panseo 1 year ago

    Thank you very much!

  • Jaqen
    Jaqen 1 year ago

    thank you
    very nice work
    best regards

  • dabdoub100
    dabdoub100 2 years ago

    Very good service as usual.
    Thanks for the good work

  • JLR0309
    JLR0309 2 years ago

    Great work - service completed extremely fast! Many thanks, will surely be ordering again soon!

  • Needlep57
    Needlep57 2 years ago

    Nicely done, thanks again for your help!

Buyers Comments

  • enkhjin

    can you add votes to website contest...

    2 years ago
  • TeamUSA

    That is not what this service offers. Votes are not social signals.

    2 years ago
  • hknerdr

    From how many accounts do you send the social signals?
    Can we give a few URLs?
    Which accounts do you have?


    2 years ago
  • TeamUSA

    From as many as necessary
    Yes, but no more than 10
    ....what ??

    2 years ago
  • hknerdr

    Which accounts i mean like g +, FB, Twitter etc...

    2 years ago
  • TeamUSA

    That's not written on the service page because it's not allowed. You mentioned 3, so the answer is the 2nd one.

    2 years ago
  • hknerdr

    Thanks Only the 2nd one?

    2 years ago
  • TeamUSA

    That's what the previous reply says

    2 years ago
  • sandra85

    Which kind of social signals do you provide?

    2 years ago
  • punaneh

    will this be effective even if im just an affiliate to this site : http://advertisetomillions.com/main.cgi?adsfromfred

    1 year ago
  • TeamUSA

    I know that domain, it's pure spam and I've had issues with it.

    1 year ago
  • TeamUSA

    Seems fine, even though it has 4 redirects. Please be aware I'm simply offering a creation of social signals from 1 particular platform, you won't receive any kind of traffic, so I'm not sure what you meant by 'will this be effective'. Kindly proceed by sending me a message, not all questions can be answered here.

    1 year ago
  • l69zones

    What are the social signals you support and how many links for each?

    1 year ago
  • bpenn34

    How many urls can I use for this gig?

    12 months ago
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