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User Ratings

  • rly1
    rly1 4 years ago

    Good service.
    Thank You!

  • rly1
    rly1 4 years ago

    I am very happy with the transaction.
    Thank you!

  • cvanci
    cvanci 4 years ago

    Thank you sir. Good job

  • seo198
    seo198 4 years ago

    guaua excellent work

  • ABoholm
    ABoholm 4 years ago

    Definitely works! Thank you

  • doanhtungdnu
    doanhtungdnu 4 years ago

    I love your service.
    but you can do to retain viewers ratio not higher

  • seo198
    seo198 4 years ago

    ok thanks excellent work

  • seo198
    seo198 4 years ago


  • seo198
    seo198 4 years ago


  • BenCanFly
    BenCanFly 4 years ago

    Thank you for views again

Buyers Comments


    Can you spread this service out so it takes a week or two to finish for statistic purposes

    5 years ago
  • alvintimo

    My video is still stuck on 301 views after 3 days and I ordered a quantity of 5 x 3333. All my video settings are correct and you have not replied to any messages.

    4 years ago
  • loadsahits

    now i fix this order...sorry for this !

    4 years ago
  • webSorin

    Don't lose your time with this guy!
    Two orders I gave him: at first he said he had some problems and told me when he got back.
    Gave him another order when he said that all it's ok and can work.
    Of course the order got late, AGAIN...

    Both orders got late and he didn't deliver on time, plus all the views from the second order were deleted by youtube update.
    Don't work with this guy as he's not serious. After youtube update deleted the views he never answered to any of my
    Order got delayed and had to wait two more days to get my money back.
    So this guy will only make you loose your time.
    Be warned!

    12 months ago
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