> Unlimited daily visitors until 20K+
> Worldwide web traffic from multiple ad networks
> Take a look at the extras!


- worldwide, most EU & America
- every visitor is trackable
for SEO:
- randomly returning visitors
- many ips
- 24/7 traffic flow

Q: What makes this advertising HQ?
I have used tons of different services and have tried many ad networks.
By now I have developed a decent traffic distribution method by
mixing multiple ad types from various ad networks.

Q: Where do the visitors come from?
I'm using different ad formats like interstitial, popunder or exit ads...
Buying from multiple ad networks I reach many different people worldwide.
I will always try out new ones to make my service even better over time!

Q: How fast is the Traffic?
That is different, depending on the amount of orders I have
and how many people visit the sites where my ads are shown.
Extras also influence the speed. The first picture shows it perfectly.

> You don't need thousands of hits from the same people to your website...
> You need new people that want to see a new website!

...social networks
...videos/loud autoplays/*
...extremely slow pages
...paid shorteners
...adult content
(to keep my network clean)

I will reject any suspicious link!

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User Ratings

  • ffrancoeur
    ffrancoeur 4 months ago

    Great work, thank you

    • BenjaminBlazeIt

      Was great to work with you again!

  • Elasri1243
    Elasri1243 5 months ago

    Great work, thank you

    • BenjaminBlazeIt

      Great to work with you!

Buyers Comments

  • Sparta626

    Hi Bro,

    Can we use affiliate links? and with bit.ly service? Please reply back.


    5 months ago
  • BenjaminBlazeIt

    Hey Sparta626,
    Affiliate links in general are allowed but no amazon.
    And of course you can use bitly!
    - Ben

    5 months ago
  • andyblack

    Hi there. Do you provide targeted traffic based on niche? Thanks.

    5 months ago
  • BenjaminBlazeIt

    No sorry,
    my traffic is totally random, that's how I keep my price.
    Bitcoin is a hot topic on my adnetworks but that's it.

    5 months ago
  • Jaqen

    Hello Ben
    what do you have daily unique ?


    5 months ago
  • shopow

    hello, i am very interested but have a few questions:
    my website is run by shopify, would that be a ok?
    I also have a blogsite with google adsense and analyze, would that be ok?

    5 months ago
  • BenjaminBlazeIt

    Shopify would be fine.
    I don't think that adsense allows my traffic.
    I'm 99% sure they dont allow interstitial advertising.
    And they maybe dont like instantly being clicked away by some either.

    5 months ago
  • wasim999

    i need this order but,,why i cant payment on creadit card whats problem?

    5 months ago
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