• Get 1,000,000 Real Worldwide Web Traffic
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Because of a partnership we have made with the owners/admins of 123tv.xyz we now have a website located at 123Traffic.xyz We will now be able to charge users a cheaper price and have sales more often since we do not have to worry about SeoClerk fees or regulations! Go order our services now while they are on sale to jump start sales on our new website!

Get 1,000,000 Real Worldwide Web Traffic!

No Bot, No Proxies, no panel traffic
Good for SEO ranking
100% AdSense safe
Excellent Click-through rate (CTR)
Natural and real traffic each day
100% safe for all google updates
100% safe from Penguin 2.0 and panda 4 and latest Hummingbird
Traffic from around the world
Google analytic tractable Traffic
Excellent Alexa rank
Goo.gl live Traffic tracking analytic url will be provide by us

Traffic Sources:

Google YouTube Twitter Facebook Pinterest Linkdin Yahoo Bing Msn


  1. Website loading time cannot be over 10 seconds.
  2. After order has started Do Not Add Popup, Video, Pop Under or anything that would ruin user experience. You will be given 1 warning and if it happens again we will stop sending traffic and order will NOT be refunded!
  3. Sites with auto downloading files, auto playing videos/noise, many redirects or any kind of adf.ly website are NOT permitted!
  4. You may only send 1 url per order. (Unless extra was bought)

You can use tools.pingdom.com to check page speed


Q: How can I measure Visits?
A: You will be able to see all views through Google Analytics as well as the goo.gl link we provide you.

Q: How long will it take to send 1M Visits?
A: It should take no longer than 12 months (1 Year).

Q: Do you Guarantee 1M Visits?
A: Yes we do! If you can prove traffic was not sent we will either retry or give you full refund!

Q: Which User agent do you use?
A: This is not bot traffic so we do not decide user agent and all depends on the visitor.

Q: Average Stay Time?
A: Each visit duration will be anywhere between 10 to 60 seconds.

Q: Average Bounce Rate?
A: While we try to keep bounce rate low it all depends on the user and the quality of your content. (If you see a high bounce rate PM us and we well see what we can do)

Q: Can I get a trial?
A: Yes you can! If you wanna to try out our service before you order send us a PM and we will send 1K real worldwide traffic for trial.

Q: When Do You Deliver The Order?
A: We deliver the order as soon as we see a steady flow of traffic on the goo.gl link we give you (Usually within 72 hours). If there is ever any issues we will contact you as soon as possible!

Q: Do You Guarantee My Sales Increase?
A: We cannot guarantee this since it all depends on the visitor. If you have high quality content/content of interest you will have a higher chance of clicks/sales.

If your questions was not answered above please PM us before you order!

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  • appgames4you
    appgames4you 9 days ago

    thanks alot!!! really humans views

    • TrafficPromo

      Thx for the review it is very much appreciated. Please send us a PM before you make your next order to get a one-time 50% off TrafficPromo code!


  • hennizi1
    hennizi1 12 days ago

    i want my money back

    • TrafficPromo

      Scammer buyer! Do not sell your services to this buyer! I already reported them. 

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