5000+ Traffic for Websites/ Blogs from USA continent for $1

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5000+ Traffic for Websites/ Blogs from USA continent

Internet traffic is always the key for any blogs or website’s success. If you have a good website, that will bring significantly higher traffic in it.But if you have a new website, then you may not get the intended number of traffic.

In this service for seoclerks, I am offering ‘5000+ web traffic from the USA continent.’ And it will cost you only $1. After buying this service, the job will start within 12-24 hours. (But for any technical error or during holidays, it maybe slight late!)

For $1 you will get this cheap traffic from the USA continent mostly. Though, your traffic counter may show different data, but we only relay on bitly for tracking our traffic. When you receive web traffic from the USA continent, your website’s reputation will go high.


1. What is the source of this traffic?
ANSWER: The social networks/ media!

2. Is the traffic Google Adsense safe?
ANSWER: This traffic is Adsense safe.

3. Is the traffic safe for an affiliate link with Adsense banners on it?
ANSWER: Yes, this is safe traffic.

4. Are the traffics come from BOTS?
ANSWER:NO, we use real human participants with unique ip address.

5. Do you send traffic to Facebook pages?
ANSWER:Sorry, we don’t.

6. Can i use this service for my Instagram page?
Answer: NO.

7. Is this service can be used for any video links/youtube video?
Answer: NO.

8. Can split this traffic service to multiple url?
Answer: NO.

9. Do you accept affiliate sites or affiliate links?
ANSWER: Yes, we accept affiliate sites or affiliate links.

10. Can you send traffic to link/url shorteners?

11. Can I use this service for my YouTube video?
ANSWER: Sorry, you can’t use this service for YouTube videos.

12. Do you provide web traffic for amazon link?
Answer: YES, we can. But can't give guarantee for any potential sales.

13. What about the report?
ANSWER: Yes, you wil lget a full report when I deliver the job.

In this service, this traffic do not guarantee for any adsense earning/ sales/ download/signups/ conversions, etc.

If you have any other questions, you can contact/ message me anytime!
Thank you: razarshi


Traffic usa human adsense safe


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