• provide 90 Pr9 to Pr4  Web2.0 Contextual Backlinks for your website
Important : You can use 3 URL and 3 Different keywords for this service.
I will generate 90 High Quality Contextual backlinks for your website by using 30 PR4 to PR9 Web2.0 Blogs. I will use image and video as per the keyword if require. In each Blog there will be 3 links point towards your money site with keyword variation.
A detailed report will be provided after completion of this task.

User Ratings

  • giasi
    giasi 3 years ago


  • rfbjr99
    rfbjr99 3 years ago

    Order completed quickly. Some confusion on my part. Got 90 links from 30 domains, but that is what ad stated, so I'm happy.

  • thaikung
    thaikung 4 years ago

    Good Job!

    I love this service

    GERMES 4 years ago


  • rjunior
    rjunior 4 years ago

    Hi Guys, the service says you will deliver 90 contextual properties. I only received 30.

    Please let me know


    • citadelsystems

      You people are really very week in English and due to that You people are giving negative feedbacks without knowing English. In my service its clearly mentioned that You will get 90 Contextual backlinks from 30 Blogs,

  • margiejames
    margiejames 5 years ago

    Very good & quick service!
    I checked through some of the links and they were live.
    Some posts had three links in them while some had one link but overall I received the links.


  • titan30
    titan30 5 years ago

    Thank you and done in time and more people should order this.

  • wptemaer
    wptemaer 6 years ago

    PR ok half the links than promised and the double time so hope he will change that in the future ... then it would be ok

  • wreeumesmo
    wreeumesmo 6 years ago

    Ok, service delivered, but the links are without expression has no pagerank, probably will not make any difference to Google.

Buyers Comments

  • gipmig

    To avoid confusion mention this: "I will offer 30 sites x 3 links on each post = 90 backlinks from PR4-PR9 web 2.0 sites." =)

    4 years ago
  • athia

    Can we supply the spin article?
    I have some other questions pm me

    2 years ago
  • citadelsystems

    yes why not. please ask me am here to reply all yoiur questions

    2 years ago
  • athia

    Any update on my order? I have given content, spintax, images everything you asked for and you said days ago that it would be delivered that day.

    then 3 days ago you said it will be delivered within 12 hours if I give you 30 articles and I have given that! Yet still nothing!

    I will update here when the seller delivers.

    2 years ago
  • citadelsystems

    Ok thanks for your nice feedback. I am expecting some more negative feedback from you

    2 years ago
  • athia

    I wish I could state it positively, but you have to provide a positive experience and deliver in order for me to do that

    Right, I have not gotten to reviewing the actual work because sadly that's been delayed quite a few times already. The above is factual information based on your promises of delivery and notes on late delivery which seoclerks can easily verify from our pm history on the order.

    Just sent you a message in PM with another issue, would you mind taking a look and getting back to me?

    2 years ago
  • citadelsystems

    I am not going to work with you any more. Please cancel the order and give me negative feedback i will never mind. As long as am providing quality services i will never mind who is giving which type of feedback. You are one of such buyer who blackmail the seller and warn them before purchasing

    2 years ago
  • athia

    I told you I will leave honest feedback if you do not complete my order. That is not blackmail, that is every buyers right.

    If you cannot complete orders, take down the service. Simple as that. Do not waste my time taking my order and agreeing upon details PRIOR to ordering and then coming up with one excuse to the next
    You have not delivered anything but delays and fake promises.

    On top of that, I just received rude messages from you via pm.

    I can attach the entire order discussion screenshots here for anyone to see that.

    2 years ago
  • hassano10

    im interested , did you have samples ?

    how much domains you will use ?

    how much domains you can build backlinks from it ( just conextual backlinks not profiles )

    this is urgent rquest , please reply me i will buy

    2 years ago
  • hassano10

    send simples please , i need to see it before buying

    2 years ago
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