• Manually 10 High Quality DA PA Web 2.0 Blog Backlinks
The High PR Web 2.0 Blog Post Backlink Package serves you with contextual links from blog posts on High PR Domains.

The articles are freshly generated for you on the fly. So the article is
related to your content and contains a backlink to your site.

Then we place your new article on unique domains with a DA 10+ Moz Authority (equals to: DA of ten and greater).
Google Pagerank is not active anymore!
We replaced the Google Pagerank with MOZ.com DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).

The Article is 100% Copyscape passed and absolutely related to your niche/keyword.
We use 10 Articles and merge them to a huge new one. For each High PR
Web 2.0 Blog Post we use just some parts of this huge article to
generate a completely new article.

So we are able to generate 100% Copyscape articles. This will bring up
unique content that is totally related to your niche and contains a
super valuable backlink.
Since all articles are posted to High PR Domains it will result in a massive rank improvement.

We submit all generated High PR Web 2.0 Backlinks to Speed-Links.net for
a 100% crawling rate and a very high indexing rate. We do a standard
drip feed of ten days.
All your links are randomly embedded into the article. This avoids
footprints. We format the Article with your keywords as -Title tags

100% Penguin and Panda safe

The High PR Web 2.0 Backlinks are extremely Panda and Penguin friendly because you can use unlimited URLs and keywords.

No duplicate domains. This means each link you get is from a unique domain.

You will receive a very detailed report with the following data: anchor
texts,your web 2.0 links, your posted URLs, dofollow / nofollow
attributes and domain authority.

Google gives huge authority to these High PR Web 2.0 contextual backlinks.
This package will serve you a nice contextual link from a High PR Domain and will definitively boost your rankings.

You can choose between different package sizes. From 25 to 600 links.
Each domain will give you one contextual links from a 100% Copyscape passed article.

What makes High PR Web 2.0 links so essential?
⦁ You get contextual links from High PA domains
⦁ Improves your Link/IP/Domain diversity
⦁ Only unique domains
⦁ Your keyword as anchor text
⦁ Unlimited keywords/URLs
⦁ Free Speed-Links.net Submission to get links indexed by google
⦁ Very detailed report (including published web 2.0 posts, so you can build additional links to it)
⦁ Fast order delivery. Mostly less than some hours.
⦁ Affordable prices
⦁ One way backlinks
⦁ natural mix of dofollow and nofollow
⦁ 100% Copyscape passed articles
⦁ Supports special chars like Chinese, Greek etc...
REPORT in excel format with all login information

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  • Jara777
    Jara777 2 months ago

    very good seller A+

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    Provided a report for an older order i bought from him.

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    Thank you very happy!

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      Hope will get more orders soon.

  • pinkpoppy31
    pinkpoppy31 6 months ago

    thanks, good price for links a couple didn't work but I'm fine with that!

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  • quicksprout
    quicksprout 7 months ago

    Amazing work - Thank you.

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  • AgungHN
    AgungHN 7 months ago

    Thank you for your works, detailed report and and communicative seller.
    It's good to have work with this seller, i'll ordering again soon.

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    Thanks WORD UP OG yw a COOLNESS OG UP OG yw a

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Buyers Comments

  • Belle91

    I see you have 5 days but an average of 13 hours is the 13 hours really true if so then you are amazing 5 days would be a little to long for me

    2 years ago
  • SocialClub

    its depend on YouTube Analytics.but now it need 24-48hrs.

    2 years ago
  • olgasp

    This service is still working? If yes, I need a article about Alzheimer, can you make and how long it will take?

    10 months ago
  • karim805

    Hello i have french website can you generate french articles and put my link in

    10 months ago
  • cbonia


    Could I have a sample?
    I'm looking for links that actually get indexed by Google.

    9 months ago
  • flaviano

    Hi friend, fine I want your services to create my network of private web2.0 blogs. I can forneser the content in the format that you want SCM or in TXT because I want in Portuguese so I will deliver you ready and just copy and paste

    8 months ago
  • bestbooks

    If the service is still available. Do let me know, I need these links for one of my site in Education and Jobs Niche. Tell me only if you provide in Education and Jobs Niche also. Plus, since there is 10 Web 2.0 submission, thus I want my order to be completed in 5 days i.e. 2 web 2.0 submission on 2 different dates. Let me know If I'll get this facility also or not.

    8 months ago
  • SocialClub

    thanks for contact us
    this service is still available
    you can order now.

    8 months ago
  • bestbooks

    Thanks for replying, that service is available. But, let me know whether I will get the service in the way I want it or not? I've already disclosed by way in above comment. Also, will I get any report that order is completed, a precise report I mean?

    8 months ago
  • SocialClub

    yes sir you will get as you want and i will delivered with those links on text document

    8 months ago
  • sdamy65

    Can you add 1 image on articles ?

    8 months ago
  • AgungHN

    Do you accept non English site?

    7 months ago
  • smirnoff2758

    As for the Russian sites it is possible to order? What do I need to provide for the order?

    5 months ago
  • gubolta


    Do you agree to create for adult site?

    I can provide the 10 Articles ...

    I await response to close the request ...

    4 months ago
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