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How does your Page 1 Guarantee work?

Our Page 1 Guarantee is extremely simple. We guarantee that we will get your website to the first page of Google for at least 20% of the keywords you submit within 6 months. If we don't get it the first page within that time, the SEO campaign becomes completely free until we get it to the first page!

I thought guarantees like this were impossible? Not really. At one point in time Google published an article claiming that nobody can make a guarantee like this. They said that it was technically impossible to guarantee since their algorithm is always changing. They are correct to some degree. It may be technically impossible to guarantee, but we have such a high success rate that we don't mind offering that guarantee or free services until we get you to the first page. We can make guarantees like this because 99% of the time we don't have to provide free services since we get websites to the first page!

Unfortunately many SEO companies use this as an excuse to not provide decent results. They say "nobody can guarantee results" because they don't want to be held accountable when they don't provide adequate services. In our opinion, unless you're sure that your SEO methods work, you shouldn't be selling them to clients at all. If you're doing that, then you're basically saying "I will try my best but the only guarantee I can make is that I'll take your money".

Why don't we guarantee 100% of the keywords? Well, we do of course try to get all of them to the first page. Otherwise, we wouldn't have thousands of resellers outsourcing their orders to us. However, some resellers have tried to find loopholes in our system. If we were to guarantee that all of the keywords would get to the first page, then it would be easy for resellers to submit bogus keywords like "the" or "it" just to get free months of SEO.

With that being said, we can and will rank extremely competitive keywords. You should never worry about keywords being "too difficult" for us to rank. We can do it! How long it actually takes to get your website on the first page will depend on the competition more than anything else. But we study their techniques and replicate their methods to make sure any website you send to us can make it to the first page for all the keywords you submit.

How long will it take to rank my website on the first page?

There is no way for us to give a definitive estimate to how long it will take to rank any website on the first page of Google for 3 main reasons.

1. Competitor Strategies - We can see who your current competitors are right now to judge how strong their SEO methods are. But there's no way for us to know if they will change strategies or hire an SEO firm to keep their website ranked on the first page. Either of these things can slow down the process of getting you to the first page. Also, you have to remember that there are always other websites like yours that are trying to get to the first page and it's impossible for us to judge how strong their SEO campaigns are.

2. Google Algorithm Updates - Google updates their algorithm about once per day, but you normally only hear about the huge updates. However, those hundreds of small updates per year can really add up and affect the ranking of websites. There's no way for us or any other company to know when they are going to update or what that update is going to be. Even though we use acceptable SEO strategies, Google can change their policies at any time and without any warning to us or you.

3. Negative SEO Campaigns - Unfortunately negative SEO campaigns are becoming more popular from competitors. Although they only work spontaneously and there's not enough case studies to judge their effectiveness, they can be dangerous and difficult to combat. Negative SEO is when one of your competitors sees that your website is starting to outrank theirs, so they build thousands of spammy backlinks to it which can theoretically destroy your rankings.

While these three reasons prevent us from giving estimates, we are one of the few SEO companies in the world that are confident to offer you a guarantee. If we fail to rank your website on the first page of Google within 6 months, we will continue to work on it for completely free until it reaches the first page.

How many URLs and Keywords can I nominate per campaign?
Each campaign can accomodate up to 6 urls and 150 Keywords.

There are cheaper SEO packages out there that does the work in less time. So why should I make a monthly commitment to you?
There are SEO services being offers for literally pennies. But is price really your only concern? Are you willing to put your livelihood at the mercy of someone offering "push button/microwave backlinks" that breaks many of Google's intricate requirements only to get your site sandboxed and de-indexed 2 months later? If this is a risk you are willing to take then you are more than welcome to go with the "cheaper" deal.

What sort of reports can I expect during my campaign?

For our monthly packages we just provide LIVE Rank Tracking reports (much like what you see in the images below) because that's the point of our monthly service - to get websites to rank higher.

If this is a monthly service am I tied to a contract?

You are not tied to a contract or obligation in any way. You can cancel your services at any time without any prior notice whatsoever.

What sort of onpage and offpage SEO can I expect from you?

The first phase of the project is the Internal Website Audit which consists of
Extensive Keyword Research, an On-Page Optimization Check, a Google Penalty Check, an Initial Backlinks Analysis and a Free Expert Consultation
The second phase is of course the backlinking work. All SEO work is broken down into 3 tiers. All numbers stated below are a cumulative summation for the entire campaign.
Our Tier-1 backlinks consist of the following:
50 Unique Articles Written
70 Trusted PR9 Profiles
800 EDU / GOV Backlinks
70 Manual PR 4+ Web 2.0 Links
5 PR6 Niche Related Links
11 PR5 Niche Related Links
16 PR4 Niche Related Links
200 Document Sharing Websites
150 High Quality Image Links

55 Special PAD File Links
400 Jcow Web 2.0 Links
250 Elgg Post Links
200 Top PR5-PR9 Bookmarks
1000 Social Signals & Links
210 Microblogging Links
100 PR6+ Forum Profiles
150 EDU Wiki Backlinks
10 Niche Related Blog Post
50 Questions & Answers Links
250 PHPFox Organic Links
10 Video Creation & Submission
7 EzineArticle Submissions
7 Squidoo Lenses (manually created)
7 Tumblr Blogs (manually created)
7 BlogSpot Blog (manually created)
7 Weebly Blogs (manually created)
7 WordPress Blogs (manually created)

The 2nd Tier Backlinks would consist of:
600 Web 2.0 Properties
24000 Wiki Website Links
48000 Bulk Social Bookmarks
4800 Spun Article Submissions
6000 Low OBL Blog Comments

And finally the 3rd Tier would consist of:
1,200,000 Blog comments
And 30,000 Forum Profiles.

Now it’s important to know that none of the Second Tier and Third Tier backlinks go to your main site. They merely reinforce and strengthen the First Tier links.
In addition to the above, you will also have access to around the ranking reports letting you know how things are going with your campaign.

Any advice on what sort of keywords I should be using?

It's important to consider keywords with buyer intent for your campaign. Research shows that people who are more specific about what they are looking for are the most likely to spend money. For instance people who type in "Nike Running shoes" are many times more likely to be buyers than people just typing in a "running shoes" into Google. And people typing in an even more specific term like "Nike Zoom Pegasus 31" probably already have their wallet at hand. Likewise someone typing in a very specific term like "New York DUI Attorneys" is far more likely spend money than someone just typing in a generic term like "Attorneys". And people who always type in "single word" search terms are the least likely to buy anything. So, selecting the right keywords not only gets you ranked faster, but it also bring in theright kind of traffic to your site i.e the kind of traffic that puts money in your pocket.

Any restrictions on the type of sites I can promote through your services?

Yes. We do not promote any site relating to or condoning Porn, Poultry, Alcohol, Drugs (inc e-cigarettes) or anything even remotely unethical.

Do you have proof that this service is as effective as you say it is?​

Click here to view some of our results. Results are not typical and vary depending on the keywords you nominate and your site's SEO history.

- We do not promote Dating, Porn, Gambling, Poultry, Pesticides, Chemicals, e-cigarettes or similar -


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