The internet is fulled with scammers, low quality products that do not meet expectation and inferior services. Make sure you will never again be disappointed by a purchase!

We at BWO, have experienced it all, scammers, tricksters and conmen, We have undertaken to help protect online consumers to the best of our ability. Before ordering something allow us to do an extensive background check into the sellers history, the quality of the product, if you are being overcharged and more! We will make sure that you are never again left out in the cold after a bad purchase!

We have a team of talented individuals who will anonymously approach the seller posing as potential customers and using advanced manipulation and data analysis skills ascertain the temperament and trustworthiness of the seller. We have dealt with slickest of the smooth talkers before and can pick up on the signs of something shady every time!

Our team will conduct an in depth search into the sellers history, contacting past customersfor their opinions, checking for other aliases the seller may have used in the past using advanced data analysis and professional grade tracking software. We will even see if we can get our hands on the product or service itself to ascertain the quality of what is being offered. We will then scour the internet to see if we can find the same thing being offered at either a more trustworthy source or for a cheaper price!

We have been doing this for years, and we can comfortably say we are on of the best at what we do. All for the price of only $5 to cover our time, this service is more of a public service than a money maker.


  • Temperament check: We will ascertain what kind of person you are going to be dealing with, someone who angers quickly? Or someone who is professionally calm. Someone who is lazy? Or someone who puts their clients first. Someone who will accept mediocrity? Or someone who will always strive for the best. We will compile a full personality check.[/*]
  • History Deep-Dive: We will find out everything we can about the sellers history, their past aliases, products, services and history. We will make sure that you know exactly who you are dealing with.
  • Past Customer Check: We will be tracking down and speaking to past customers regularly to check the reliability of the seller, we will find out if they have scammed or behaved unprofessionally before!
  • Testimonial authenticator: We will check what testimonials or reviews the seller can offer or has on display, we will ascertain if these people actually exist, or if they are faked. We will ascertain if these peoples reviews are honest, or if they have been paid, or extorted out of people.
  • Product Quality and Price check: We will make sure the product or services quality is as described and it is not available at a cheaper price or a more reliable source. We will also make sure its not being resold illegally and find you the original seller.

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  • alanino
    alanino 10 months ago

    Hi, I don't want reclaim the money back:-)
    I paid to have a HQ background check.
    Is it this service?
    If you can't find information, is it a check?
    So, I paid to have the info I had?

    Right. I don't want be ridiculous...I pay:-)))

    • TheGiant2

      Thank you for purchasing our service. We apologise for any shortcomings. We did in fact provide information on the nature of the group that scammed you. We told you how to reclaim your money. Ultimately as i stated, they were professionals and as such we could not do more than tell you their modus operandi.

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