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incredible 60 percent speed improvement,using rare server programming techniques,give us a chance to apply my rare server programming techniques!! Speed of light is what people will use to address your page speed which surely will be faster than the speed of a jet propelled rocket ignited Space shuttle, . This is a major keystroke of what i studied in the university (MIT) and i'm certified in making self intelligent programs. have you ever wondered why services like instagram are just so fast in loading heavy pages? this is because they make use of some useful artificial intelligence,"canonical and structural" decomposition implementation, makes it incredibly super fast! i know you might use a very fast internet but haha the website is for your clients and not you , and from analysis 70% of internet users access the internet at less than 64kb/s,what my code will do to your site will be a magical turn around to your business because users will be tempted to load more pages. my code will be in a new file inside the directory of your web site and i wont even edit individual files, yet it will have effect on every single html,css,javascript and phtml,joomla,wordpress,drupal,etc.web 2.0
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  • cooltito
    cooltito 3 years ago


    So in 5 days when the order is marked as completed then I'll get my refund back after words?

    • seoTechee

      Yes. You can get refund

  • vicolin
    vicolin 3 years ago

    Thanks. Good job

  • vicolin
    vicolin 4 years ago

    Thank you for good job!

  • vicolin
    vicolin 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot - you did a great job! Recommend to every body!

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  • vicolin

    I am interested in your service... I have a DLE 10.2 (data life engine) website on a shared hosting... will it work for me if I order?

    4 years ago
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