• VPS 24/7 CoC bot service - Monthly Subscription -
  • Run your favorite Clash of Clans bot 24/7 on an optimized '2 cores 2 Gb Ram' VPS here
  • This is a hassle free monthly subscription based service.
  • You only need to create a one time order - no more re-ordering when the VPS expired!
  • Subscription fee will be charged automatically once a month.
  • You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

User Ratings

  • Thewiz
    Thewiz 24 days ago

    Thank you :-)

  • cuuben
    cuuben 1 month ago

    I just started it again, and will check it when i wake up.

  • Thewiz
    Thewiz 2 months ago

    tanks you

  • Thewiz
    Thewiz 3 months ago

    thank you

  • wolfcat90
    wolfcat90 3 months ago

    Hi, I paid the day August 18 and it's September 15. Is it not from 18's to 18's (1 month)?
    in the other hand I can't renew the service.

  • RotNs
    RotNs 3 months ago

    very nice seller

  • Thewiz
    Thewiz 5 months ago

    Thank you and good day

  • tripothy
    tripothy 5 months ago

    I forgot to say but is it possible that u put racoonbot And teamviewer on the vps ?

  • Thewiz
    Thewiz 6 months ago

    Thank you very muchHave a good day

  • dbarreto2018
    dbarreto2018 6 months ago


    I did not find the option to cancel, please I want to cancel immediately, I am not using service, because it fails a lot.

    Thank you,


  • bit24
    bit24 10 months ago

    RESET MY VPS and thank you

  • bit24
    bit24 12 months ago

    Hi, I want to cancel auto subscribe.

  • iDuffy
    iDuffy 1 year ago

    pls cancel subscription..

  • bit24
    bit24 1 year ago


  • Niak
    Niak 2 years ago


    Need upgrade bot please. .. thanK you

Buyers Comments

  • slnimantha

    Just like always, now i'ts easy for us.
    Thanks !

    3 years ago
  • Niak

    Good guy but a lot of bug on vps....

    3 years ago
  • runard

    Do upgrade to the latest versions.

    3 years ago
  • Souley

    I paid for the monthly subscription. How long does it take to get a reply back about the account details ?

    3 years ago
  • runard

    Your order is pending order requirements.

    3 years ago
  • endangermanto

    Hello, could you tell me the number of RAM and Cores of your vps.

    2 years ago
  • runard

    2 cores 2 gb ram or 4 cores 4 gb ram

    2 years ago
  • g2gbiz

    plz can I spam, can it be used as smtp, webmail? does it deliver inbox?

    1 year ago
  • runard

    VPS is designed for Clash of clans bots.

    1 year ago
  • Krmark

    Super fast communication and service. Tested for 6 days and works like a charm! Will be renewing. Thanks Runard!

    5 months ago
VPS 24/7 CoC bot service - Monthly Subscription - is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 45 user reviews.
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