• I will Fix Any WORDPRESS Error, Issue and Bugs
  • I will Fix Any WORDPRESS Error, Issue and Bugs
Hi I am Pooja

4 years plus Experience in WordPress Development.
Most Reliable & Highest Rated WordPress Programmer.

I will Fix and SOLVE ANY WordPress, CSS, HTML errors within 24 HOUR.

✓ I will Fix WordPress Errors.

✓ I will Fix WordPress Theme Issues.

✓ I Will Fix Any Coding Bugs.

✓ I Will Fix Any Plugin Issue.

✓ I Will update WordPress website , theme or plugins.

✓ I Will Move Websites, Create / Convert Websites to WordPress

I will Fix Issues Likes:
404 Error
500 Internal Server Error
Totally White Screen
wp-admin errors
Error Establishing Database Connection
Compromised Website
Connection Timed Out
Fix any issue (PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Jquery)
Slider problem
font problem
Header problem
Footer issue

And All WORDPRESS Error, Issues, and Bugs which you Face

Feel free to ask any issue and Bugs. I will respond to your queries. Let me know if you need any suggestion.Let us Discuss & Get Started!
So let’s get your website fixed & make it rolling again.

Looking forward to the opportunity of working with you and establishing a longterm working relationship.

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User Ratings

  • RENSMarketing
    RENSMarketing 1 month ago


    I lost my entire site it has several pages. I was out and did not notice it was complete. I believe she was upset and destroyed our site. I was just talking to her not she said don't involve me. Really,

    If she had an issue could have contacted support to close.

    very unprofessional


    • iampoojasharma

      I do not recommend RENSMarketing . He will make you to work and then he will complete the order. and after few days, he will suddenly come up and will say i have not did work.

      He has cheated me and my profile. and was fooling me to do more work.
      I guess he did something wrong bad to his site and now blaming me after 12 days.
      He is very unprofessional guy i ever seen i hate this RENSMarketing

  • morgan800
    morgan800 2 months ago

    You were amazing! Thanks for fixing our wordpress error!
    Very Quick!
    I would definitely get your service again if i'll have another problem soon!

    • iampoojasharma

      i can build site for you .. i ugess i have contacted youuu

  • lewis23
    lewis23 3 months ago

    Many thanks.

  • hward7411
    hward7411 4 months ago

    Hi iampoojasharma i do not know what went wrong I sent the 2 order numbers that I sent you earlier today I see that's It says It won't be mark completed until 5 days after the payment so what i should do next all the transactions or on file i sent the full payment note i made 2 different orders

  • 337415
    337415 5 months ago

    No it’s not working on my desktop showing same status

  • seoworks2015
    seoworks2015 1 year ago

    Highly recommended. She is expert enough to solve any website issue in mattee of minutes. Thanks again

    • iampoojasharma

      Thanks dear

  • solomon1965
    solomon1965 1 year ago

    Good Work. Well done. Completed the work as stated. Nice work. Well built.

  • michel123
    michel123 1 year ago

    Thank you for your patience

  • damtsa
    damtsa 2 years ago

    Great job! Real deal! Thank you

  • damtsa
    damtsa 2 years ago

    Great work have do Iampoojasharma. I really appreciate her so big help with her patience, will use her definitely for long term, thank you.

  • ponterosek
    ponterosek 2 years ago

    "Have to go now, I will be back in 4 hours, we will talk more then, ok? "

    • iampoojasharma


  • damtsa
    damtsa 2 years ago

    Excellent work. Thanks! ^____^

  • webpace
    webpace 2 years ago

    Hello, good provider very professional.


  • floreentin
    floreentin 2 years ago


    • iampoojasharma

      not happy working with client. he is not paying even after completing the work

  • tttedm
    tttedm 2 years ago

    Wow! this seller is awesome made me the best website at www.socialboosti.com for the lowest price around, last time i got my site made it cost me 3 x as much so I recommend this seller to anybody who needs a website thanks again seller i'm very happy great work

    • iampoojasharma

      welcome bro

  • tttedm
    tttedm 2 years ago

    Thanks great service fast & friendly & seller is excellent & i recommend u use this service

Buyers Comments

  • rizwanikram

    Hello Pooja! Please visit my website http://obnoixousart.gallery I want some fixing in header / footer css menu and woocommerce layout please visit the webiste carefully and discuss

    2 years ago
  • havemaskwilltra

    Hi there, klinkermakelaars.nl is a real estate site which sells and rents houses. When you click on a house for sale it is perfectly displayed. However, when you click on a house for rent, it is not displayed, even though it is visible from within Wordpress: the particular house for rent has content, one or more images and a permalink. Clicking that permalink is not working either (that page cannot be found). I've asked the manufacturer of the real estate plugin to look into the issue and he has already spent a number of hours trying to fix it. I don't want to spend way too much money which is why I'm seeking additional assistance here. Do you think you can solve it? How much will you charge?

    2 years ago
  • maylauria

    Hi there, can you fix my site? I have 2 problems

    I accidentally set up a fowarder and it crashed my site and the second thing is to make sure it load the same page on a mobile device as on a website because it keeps going to myurl/default


    2 years ago
  • SeoMaster888

    Hello, I have a wordpress landing page, I already uploaded it to the server but the content locker is not working as it should. Could you help with this?

    2 years ago
  • habib4055

    Hello My website Is http://freelancer-market.com/ Suffer totally white screen of death/ Blank Home Page/or any problem . I used this theme http://demo.wpjobster.com/ , when i active that is theme then totally not show anything my front page or home page. I try to solved issue from c-panel but still i can not solved that is problem. please visit my website and if you can solved i want hair you .

    2 years ago
  • floreentin

    I have some problems with my website forexinvesting24.com

    When I make a new post with image, when I uplaod the image, image dont apper neither in the library and dont appear on the post on site too. The title link dont have the image before as you can see on "FOREX TIPS What is NFP What is NFP" . Even I make a post without image the title link is like broken one ( it can be open, but dont appear ok)

    Another thing is that I want to disapear blogroll and advertisement. Dont want to be shown on my website

    2 years ago
  • synallagi

    hey. Are you good with customization, plugins and errors/bugs? There is a few things i need to change and correct on my website and would like a custom quote. Can you send me a private message?

    2 years ago
  • octel

    i have a problem with:

    Add Expires headers
    There are 4 static components without a far-future expiration date.

    2 years ago
  • anshulmall

    I dont require any extra features , I just want to change the layout . In my Layout , there is layout : ?Single Hotel - Layout 1
    Link : http://neevtravel.in/wp/st_hotel/holiday-inn-melbourne-2/ ( Example Layout same ?Single Hotel - Layout 1)

    I Just want to create one more layout Which should be like this https://www.goibibo.com/hotels/detail/Manali/SILVER%20BIRCH%20COTTAGE/2242315224277940906/4461267140701107505/v3/hotels-2242315224277940906-20161117-20161120-1-2_0/f%7B%22hn%22:%22SILVER%20BIRCH%20COTTAGE%22%7D/

    Only want to change the layout of my page

    2 years ago
  • srikrishna

    Can you fix this site

    2 years ago
  • iN4sser

    i have moved my website from blogger to wordpress and i have a small problem,
    my bootstrap dropdown ( inside the posts ) not showing anymore, it's working when i test it on another website like ( jsfiddle )
    can you fix it without editing all the posts?

    2 years ago
  • endyuzo

    Please i need your help, i wanted to know if you can solve these problem on my site, mobilestation.mobi
    Please my site is not indexable
    My site keep going offline and coming back up
    my traffic just suddenly becomes very low from last month

    Am frustrated, if there is a way to correct all this problem let me know, cause am planning to buy now domain and start afresh

    Endy Uzo

    2 years ago
  • stanproperty

    i looking for expert to fix my wordpress problems and also do some enhancement.someone claim he is expert have screw up my website after he do plugin update which i have warn hime to backup before doing it..can you do it?

    2 years ago
  • solomon1965

    Please check my site http://templatetools.online/
    Can you fix the images and buttons beneath the image.

    1 year ago
  • mithu9468

    i looking for expert to fix my wordpress problems .

    1 year ago
  • mithu9468

    i looking for expert to fix my wordpress problems . Database Connection Problems

    1 year ago
  • mithu9468

    can u fix my website error problem ? Like this error: 500 Internal Server Error / Error Establishing Database Connection / Connection Timed Out / Fix any issue (PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Jquery) and etc. plz check https://gtmetrix.com in my site


    1 year ago
  • Bali12

    can you fix my website and create a new one?

    1 year ago
  • toprankingseo

    The page "psychic email readings" is not working on my website www.psychicsfuture.com. Also some pages are not showing on the top bar of the home page. Can you help, and what information would you need?

    12 months ago
  • tonyangelopubli

    hi I have a WordPress meet up as a magazine the person I had that did updates on it and uploaded articles on it can't do it anymore I wanted to see if you can put articles of on the website for me and each category this could become a bi-monthly thing is this too much or too little for you to do

    12 months ago
  • carpetclean

    Hello, I have a problem with my wordepress site, you can solve it, error message "There are not enough permissions to access this page."

    11 months ago
  • donammar

    I have a problem can you please contact me ?

    9 months ago
  • srikrishna

    Check error in this site


    if you able to fix tell me

    7 months ago
  • cflcharters

    can you add malware to a website? total delete if possible.. how much??

    4 months ago
  • iampoojasharma

    yes i can remove all virus.. kindly message me please

    4 months ago
  • jerry2260

    I need my wordpress site to go live, can you do this? and how much? thank you

    3 months ago
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