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Get One-K Video Views and Some Comments and Likes Promotion via Quality Users in just $1 With Quality and Quick Time-Frame...

Note- Please do not upload copyright video and No country and age restrictions. Some Video takes more time to complete.

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User Ratings

  • Thikradaoud
    Thikradaoud 1 day ago

    AMAZING!!! will order again delivery came instantly in a day!! 

  • Marco2009
    Marco2009 7 days ago

    Highly recommended. More than i asked...top

  • DeejayJ
    DeejayJ 7 days ago

    Fast and good as always, will come back

  • florianzzz
    florianzzz 21 days ago


  • florianzzz
    florianzzz 1 month ago


  • florianzzz
    florianzzz 1 month ago


  • florianzzz
    florianzzz 1 month ago

    Seller you can trust to. I'll order again ;-)

  • swerrrdmedia
    swerrrdmedia 2 months ago

    how long will this take? im about to cancel all of my orders with you and get my money back

  • manjit
    manjit 3 months ago

    Excellent job and service

  • HenryLipatov
    HenryLipatov 3 months ago

    its still 700.453 views - as it was before. i don't see your work. can you prove me? send me pictures of your complete job?

    • MissGulati

      Sir started from 682,723 views and added 10K+ views and now views is 700,453. Thanks

  • nobulto
    nobulto 4 months ago

    Thank you great work

Buyers Comments

  • hybridlogo

    Need 10000 views for 3$. Inbox please.

    1 year ago
  • willianwpm

    Can I put 2 thousand views per video?

    11 months ago
  • lequanghai

    Total time hours are your 10K views watched?

    6 months ago
  • scorpio908

    I need 10000 views on every 8 videos and likes.
    I have budget of $74 .

    5 months ago
  • rcjmal101

    This seller is a thief and a cheat, everyone beware of this person, i made an order and same day the order was made client canceled order because the video link was deleted, and requested refund but this seller quickly mark work completed knowing that not even one view was added because link has been deleted and not forcing me to accept completed job when order is not even done.

    return my money back you thief and cheat, you are a very bad person and liar, return my money. because i will report your account and make sure you are deleted from seoclerks you are a bad person and a cheat

    2 months ago
  • MissGulati

    Not same day, you deleted video after 24 hours and that time traffic allready gone on your video, you can ask any seller on seoclerks, once order start than not posible to cancel. Mind your language please, if you do same behaive and use these worlds than i will complaint to support. Thanks

    2 months ago
  • rcjmal101

    You are a thief, Missgulati, you are a thief, seoclerks permit refunds when client is satisfy with order, and also this is a case when client video is deleted, when you have not added even 1k view and you claiming my $20 usd for a job you did not do, that make you a thief, because everyone knows, that youtube views take you guys days to provide so why will claim money for work you did not do, that makes you a complete thief, client video not available for order refund and you refuse because you want to claim money for work you did not do.. you can see someone also gave you bad rating because you are a cheater, return my money so i can refund to client

    2 months ago
  • MissGulati

    Its not my mistake that your client deleted the video, traffic gone on your video so not posible to cancel, you are westing time to rejecting delivery and sending cancel request. Thanks

    2 months ago
  • rcjmal101

    You are a thief, how can traffic go to a link that has been deleted, why are you dragging money that is not yours. traffic went to a link that is not active? are you serious right now, this is a clean prove that you are a cheater because the order was canceled few hours after order and also everyone know that you providers don't process order immediately you take days to deliver so why won't you see reasons to refund when link is not available, or better still asked if client can give you another link to add work but you decided not to because you wanted to claim free money, you are a thief honestly you are a cheater

    2 months ago
  • MissGulati

    I was sent you start message check on order page that time I was started, next day you was deleted video, that time most of traffic gone on video. I can send you proof, allready told everything to support and they will make decision so not to hurry and don't use abuse words. Thanks

    2 months ago
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