• create 1,000+ backlinks for your url
  • create 1,000+ backlinks for your url
  • create 1,000+ backlinks for your url
Why Do YOU Need Backlinks?

One of the most important parts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is building backlinks. Building backlinks makes it possible for your pages to be indexed faster which is crucial if you are working on increasing the visibility of your website in search engines. BacklinksBeaver.com helps you create these powerful internet links. buy 1000, 3500, or 6000, choice is yours!!

GET MORE TRAFFIC, and more brovvnie points from google, let us help you! All orders are delivered in .txt or open office format! FAST SAFE DELIVERY!

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User Ratings

  • myacy
    myacy 2 days ago


    • getpopularfast

      The download link with report is only available from the 3rd party site for a short period of time, customer must not have download the delivery in the allotted time. Instead of asking us for another copy he left negative feedback. What can you do?!

  • maestroryuken
    maestroryuken 25 days ago

    Sono molto felice per i link a 1 euro creati, sono misti ma molto meglio che a un solo sito, più siti misti più naturale. grazie!

    • getpopularfast

      Great Buyer, Hope to do business with again! 5 stars.

  • MME365
    MME365 2 months ago

    Good job great

  • spider11
    spider11 3 months ago

    We used three diff pages to score witch backlinks service brings us traffic and so far your service has produced zero traffic from the page that was sent to you. Consider your payment a donation and that we will not use this service again, good day to you

  • IDankuruso
    IDankuruso 3 years ago

    Booo I didn't get even a single back link for tricksng.com after collecting my money I hate this service

  • marcomPA
    marcomPA 5 years ago

    my order ID is 724785. NOT "728706". Use your head before you work on the report.

    and it's not just the name of the file. All of the links in the report are broken too.

    Thanks for your stupid service.

    • getpopularfast

      I have checked your claim and there are absolutely no "broken links" sorry I wrote the order number off by 1 -- a simple mistake is all, has nothing to do with the service I provided you though?! Not to mention I gave you a healthy bonus.. Customer hasn't much clue what he is talking about unfortunately :S

Buyers Comments

  • getpopularfast

    PLEASE BE ADVISED: These links are 1$ for 1000 links, they wont give you a Google #1 ranking OVERNIGHT, but they do help and a great base for new sites, nonetheless some people here must have bumped their head and expect me to jump through flaming hoops from the trapeze and tame lions gorillas, and bears to appease them for 1$?!?!?! This is a great deal. This service is worth easily 5 times what I charge, so understand when buying this service if you are a jerk before buying this service you probably will be after you buy it also lol Best of luck to everyone else! I will always continue to do my best! Good Day!

    6 years ago
  • idealmike

    So what type of links are they then? Anchor text backlinks? URls only?? Stat sites or forums or what??

    6 years ago
  • marcomPA

    hello... I hope I can order this in bulk. I want to order this for 4 URLs.

    and I sent you a message, please reply

    5 years ago
  • marcomPA

    This is the proof!! DO NOT ORDER THIS GIG!

    5 years ago
  • khild

    I want to order for this website


    3 months ago
  • tickoff2

    Wow i was just about to place an order when i read your ad at the top of the page but i can see that what you put in your ad isn't true since i can see a lot of negative reviews. SMH

    3 months ago
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