• make you TEN Unique 500 to 700 word niche optimized articles
  • make you TEN Unique 500 to 700 word niche optimized articles
  • make you TEN Unique 500 to 700 word niche optimized articles
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  • y5zone
    y5zone 7 months ago

    Perfect work with very much over delivery of bonuses, appreciate & thank you!

    • tacitinc

      You are most welcome! One of our favorite Clients! Come back and see us again soon y5!! All the best!

  • cinquemene
    cinquemene 3 years ago

    Very fast seller and super service! I also have received a huge bonus!

  • Escarface
    Escarface 3 years ago

    Perfect!!! Thank you very much.

    • tacitinc

      You are most welcome! Come back and see us again for more content soon!!

  • ranbracha
    ranbracha 3 years ago

    Great Delivery. Thanks

    • tacitinc

      Anytime Ran! Happy to work with you always - come back and see us soon!

  • sspvidz
    sspvidz 4 years ago

    "I deal with many sellers every day and I have to applaud Tacitinc for the wonderful service and quick response, did a wonderful job communicating with me and always there to answer any question I have. It is my pleasure to work with him and I am thankful for the support, information, laughs, and everything with each time I contact him! I know that when I need something in a hurry, you will always be there for me!

    Keep up the great work and I will cont

    • tacitinc

      You are most kind Vidz... I look forward to our bourgeoning friendship & future mutual business together! Come back soon~

  • sandycheeks
    sandycheeks 4 years ago

    superb! overdelivered the gig!

  • Himalaya
    Himalaya 4 years ago

    WOW!!! tacitinc delivered a huge stack of looooong articles which will make my life so much easier. Not only are the articles on topic. They are also completely readable and sensible. Darn, they're so good I might wind up winning the Pulitzer prize! OK, not that good. But way over expectations. I'm glad I'm a frequent customer.

  • manitasmanu
    manitasmanu 5 years ago


    • tacitinc

      Come back and each time your Bonus Doubles!

  • ewinters1014
    ewinters1014 5 years ago

    Over delivered. I will use again in the near future. THANKS for the huge bonus.

    • tacitinc

      Wonderful working with this Buyer! Come back and see me soon!!

  • madscience
    madscience 5 years ago

    Thank you so much and thank you for being patient. I was dealing with some personal drama and my business was on hold. Will definitely use you again!

  • Netlinks
    Netlinks 5 years ago

    Great job!

    • tacitinc

      Thankyou! I hope you enjoyed the bonus articles and will be back for more work soon ;)

  • amodack
    amodack 6 years ago

    Had a look at the articles and must say I am impressed with the quality.
    I picked up one or two minor errors but nothing to complain about. articles make sense
    and read well. will tweak them a little for the directories and see how they fare. then will definitely
    be back for more articles. could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

    Thank you

    • tacitinc

      I hope we will be doing more business together soon!

  • whitelighter
    whitelighter 6 years ago

    WOW!! That was very FAST delivery! And Thank You for the Bonus articles! Will definitely order again!

    • tacitinc

      It was a pleasure working with you and expect bonuses like that on every single order! Be Well & See ya soon!

  • arteg
    arteg 6 years ago

    very good work, Thank you!

    • tacitinc

      Hope you enjoy the 30 bonus articles
      Come back soon!

    SAUHBA 6 years ago

    Excellent, over delivered a lot, make me smile & happy, thankyou very much, GR8888888

    • tacitinc

      You are more than welcome! I hope to see you soon!! Kind Words my friend I appreciate the great review!

  • stevenjam
    stevenjam 6 years ago

    wow. get 20 article
    thank you

    • tacitinc

      Come back soon Steven! Thank you for your business!

  • StirCrazy
    StirCrazy 6 years ago

    Many thanks for the quick delivery. Look forward to seeing what other services of yours I can use.
    Regards, Stircrazy.

    • tacitinc

      And I am looking forward to working with you again sir! Come back soon, expect large bonuses like the one you received on every order!!!

  • grantpardon
    grantpardon 6 years ago

    Great work. Love the articles.

    • tacitinc

      It was a pleasure working with you - I hope you will be back soon for more work!

  • axentmedia
    axentmedia 6 years ago

    Nice job. Thank you.

    • tacitinc

      You are more than welcome. Dont forget to share the service with your friends and come back for more orders soon! Expect large bonuses on every single order, you basically get 2x what you pay for with every single order with me

  • learning
    learning 7 years ago

    efficient and effective

    • tacitinc

      Come back and see me for more articles soon!

Buyers Comments

  • agnimukh48

    I want to order 10 articles, i need for my blogger site, which should be unique and pass through copyscape

    6 years ago
  • tacitinc

    Send me a msg so i can tell you exactly how this works.
    Thank you

    6 years ago
  • stormdata

    I have found you on (https://www.seoclerks.com/Article-Writing/15785/make-you-TEN-Unique-500-to-700-word-niche-optimized-articles)

    Can I have 10 unique articles with all different KWs? If yes please reply soon. I'll order them.

    6 years ago
  • Teryylinks

    Can I have 10 unique articles about forex trading for my website? Waiting for your reply pls

    5 years ago
  • samad6361

    I want you to write 10 articles on to my website. Can you do that. Seo friendly unique articles i will check your articles on copyscap for confirmation.It has to be at least 80%+ unique. If you do not succeed i will reject your order. I will provide few keywords for your articles & which you need to follow. If you agree i will contact you.


    4 years ago
  • tacitinc

    Sam please send me a message on here where i would be happy to provide you with the further details of the service & provide u with the niche list of available topics - Please contact me first before you make the order - Thanks so much

    4 years ago
  • samad6361

    Please send me your niche list and please confirm me your articles would be unique.

    4 years ago
  • tacitinc

    Send me a msg on here and I will send right over

    4 years ago
  • naveen1989

    hi i have Coupon site can you write article for Coupon Store like Amazon, Snapdeal and also write article for blog,

    4 years ago
  • tacitinc

    Pls msg me here to discuss further details

    4 years ago
  • mindcycle1

    Can you write articles on Indian Education for " http://easyhometutor.com/educationtimes " blog. e.g., 10 tips to crack MBA entrance exam, etc. If I go for extra means in $25 you will give 125 articles of 500 to 700 words. Can you show me some sample article you delivered earlier. You may send me the PM.

    4 years ago
  • adabs45

    please can you write blog post on computer or bodybuilding related nitches

    4 years ago
  • javierbari

    Hello, I need 10 good articles on: MBA (Master of Business Admistration), Is that possible?

    4 years ago
  • BrackSales

    Please message me the Topic/Niche list.

    Hope to buy this soon! Thanks.

    3 years ago
  • gianguido

    Hi ,
    I will need short reviews about fashion art and music, will you be able to do it? Like if I am going ot give you a name or last ep music where to write a review, will you be able to do it originally article?

    3 years ago
  • dlpoint

    still available send me niche list

    3 years ago
  • tacitinc

    Send me a message as the description says and request the niche list & i will send it over w/ the details you need to order! Thanks!

    3 years ago
  • tacitinc

    Yes of course, please send me a message to get the niche topic list to choose your articles from

    2 years ago
  • 7SEO

    Hi, can we chat on pm, send me message

    2 years ago
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