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However, Whatever try how many times, your site still cannot be listed

Q: Why my site can't be listed on dmoz?
A: Lacking of editor, it can only approve 100-200 websites daily. However, there are tens of thousands of applications everyday, List by nature is less than 1%

Q: How can you help me?
A: We are a professional SEO team, we submit more than 100 sites for our customers.

Q: Can I submit to the category which I want?
A: We will try our best; however, we cannot submit to the category you want mostly, we may submit to other category!


  • We cannot guarantee any kind of approval since it depends on the category, category editor and submission.
  • Listing is not guaranteed, NO ONE can guarantee listing, that is against DMOZ terms.
  • Only One(1) website per order

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  • magnum

    Are you guaranteeing this?

    2 years ago
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    please submit my site https://borneoartifact.com if successful i will pay you double

    5 months ago
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