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User Ratings

  • tiwwic
    tiwwic 5 years ago

    complete waste of money...

    I wrote to seller: - this is not what I expected...
    Seller replied: - what did u expect for $1 ?

    enough said... AVOID at all cost....

    • gigmasterr

      complete waste of a buyer and my service !!! What kind of a seller buys a service and then says "i did not expect this so cancel this order" yall know the kind !! #cheap

      Avoid this buyer at all cost cuz he/she is not here to buy just to waste valuable times of serious sellers

  • ghawyy
    ghawyy 5 years ago

    old way but tnx

    • gigmasterr

      you are welcome

  • mlund95
    mlund95 5 years ago

    Very interesting gig! Some new information, will be trying it out! Thanks!

  • Topquality
    Topquality 5 years ago

    This isnt working for ​http://adf.ly links.

  • biggeorge2k
    biggeorge2k 5 years ago

    I was already familiar with these sites but never though about using them to advertise PTC, I will try it. Worth the price if it works.

Buyers Comments

  • toukinette


    Is your method trustable for link shorthener like adf.ly or for click on a specific banner on a website ?

    6 years ago
  • gigmasterr

    Yes certainly it is trustable and safe it has no specifications can be applied to get all sorts of clicks. Thank you so much for your queries.

    6 years ago
  • mohddalim

    how much is the price?5usd or 1usd?

    5 years ago
show you how you can get unlimited legitimate and safe clicks on your ptc ppc link is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 7 user reviews.
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