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User Ratings

  • sweetlinusdj
    sweetlinusdj 5 years ago

    Did now this before, but still good i think?
    He deliviered the work tough

  • tmkhan
    tmkhan 5 years ago

    Many days have passed but i did not earn even a single penny.Not working for me.

    • markallan

      You need to activate your account so you can make money !
      Just send a sms and your account will be verified and you will get your spot for free money !
      You should contact me first before leaving a negative to help you make money

  • seodealz
    seodealz 5 years ago

    Seller is great but the challenge is you need a mobile phone to verify account and send a confirmation SMS to a UK number - and if you are not a UK resident, then additional SMS charges may apply.

    • markallan

      This method works world wide, it is international offer ! yes, you need to send a sms that will cost you about $0.15 so you can get your account verified and start making money. Total cost is $1.15 (purchase this service for the info+ $0.15 is the sms so you can confirm your account) and you get GUARANTEED $30 in 30 days. If you have any problems, just contact me and I will help you !!! If you have money to invest or your can promote the method, you can make up to $100 per day !!!

  • scott
    scott 5 years ago

    Great deal! I am already earning money! Thanks for the info.

    • markallan

      Welcome !

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