submit site to 300+ directories for $5

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submit site to 300+ directories

The honest seller never fear refund this order is now with
%50 refund if you are not 100% satisfied with the result

first thing first I CAN NOT GUARANTY CERTAIN NUMBER OF DIRECTORIES to approve your site

but note that:

  • Getting accepted in the 300 directories is near to impossible this is not possible by any mean
  • Getting accepted in directories take time since each directory get tons of submission a day.
  • Getting accepted in directories depend on you site quality and your site niche.

  1. I submitted some brand new site in (certain niches) and get about 10 accepted directories in the delivery period.
  2. I submitted some good quality site and get about 10 accepted directories in the delivery period

So what else do you want from directory submission ​!!!!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

- Does this offer provide guaranteed number of directories approval ?
No the number of directories in that offer is the number of directories that you site is submitted to only but you will get a report about the directories that approved your site during the delivery time too.

- How many directories will approve my site ?
I Don't Know in advance this depends on your site quality and your site niche and if it is a niche that directories love to show

-How much time does it take to get approved ?
It take a lot of timebut when you receive your reports you will find some directories that approved your site during the time of delivery so you will be sure that I did my work

- Can I get approved really in all of the 300 directories ?
I don't think so (BUT) if you are lucky and patient enough and your site is old and/or has good quality content or you niche is one which directories love to show you can get approved in some of them after enough time from SUBMITION date

Search engine rankings are determined by a number of factors - two key factors being the number of backlinks your site has and the quality & relevance of those backlinks.

Our services will help you meet both these goals of building links on a scalable basis and from quality sites. In addition to that, our services also help in the following ways:

  • Get links only from quality "Penguin-safe" directories that are indexed and cached by Google and those that pass our strict directory selection criteria.
  • You can rank for specific keywords by targeting them in your link building activities with us.
  • All our services build permanent links to your site and you're thus ensured of long-lasting results.
  • After work is completed you will receive detailed report.

What is required from you is

5 titles for your site (long tail should NOT be MORE THAN 35 Character EACH )
2 of your site description ( should
NOT be MORE THAN 250 Character EACH )
5 of your site categories (top categories)​

  • We are available online more than 14 hours a day for customer support and after sales service.

  • some times you face delays because of genuine problems like hardware problem, PC software problem, weekly off and etc.

  • Hopefully these issues will be far and in between.

I hope to have a repeat buyer as much as i can so i always over deliver

And i make my services for only $1 for 3 reasons

1- the buyer can order in bulk

2- the buyer can test it and lose nearly nothing

3- the buyer can sell my service to his acquaintances and friends or if he has clients he can resell my services to his clients


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