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User Ratings

  • 513Trill
    513Trill 9 hours ago

    This engine they have is amazing I’m telling you it gains you followers, fans, outreach, interactions all of that. I highly recommend and will be using this service again thank you.

  • aaron221
    aaron221 23 hours ago

    Thank you very much

    • RunFollowers

      Really good buyer. Thanks for purchase! Will be glad to help you again

  • Poppysaff
    Poppysaff 3 days ago

    Very satisfied fast response and awesome results

    • RunFollowers

      Really good buyer!

      Thanks for your purchases!

  • Poppysaff
    Poppysaff 3 days ago

    Great service thanks alot

    • RunFollowers

      Really good buyer!

      Thanks for your purchases!

  • 2Klean2Kool2K
    2Klean2Kool2K 3 days ago

    I thought it was overall good. What I felt could’ve been a bit better was but more comment interaction.

    • RunFollowers

      Really good buyer!

      Thanks for your purchases!

  • rehan58
    rehan58 4 days ago

    thank you so much, this was my first time using this and its perfect, boosted my sound cloud perfectly. appreciate it will definitely try this again.

    • RunFollowers

      thank you, I really glad that you like it

  • mrduck0409
    mrduck0409 5 days ago

    Most excellent. Thank you!


    • RunFollowers

      Really good buyer. Thanks for purchase! Will be glad to help you again

  • Eask
    Eask 7 days ago


  • Googlemike
    Googlemike 12 days ago

    Always great working with you!

    • RunFollowers

      Really good buyer.

      Thanks for purchase!

      Hope to see you again

  • trueghost85
    trueghost85 13 days ago

    I would like to sya i love this kinda service and the guy did deliver on time and was very proffessional, I believe the world be a better place if we had more sellers like this guy... GreAT SERVICE , EXCELLENT I LIKE IT ALOT I AM VERY SATISFIED AND HAPPY WITH THE OUTCOME, THIS GUY I TRUSTWORTHY AND PRICES ARE VERY REASONABLE FOR THE SERVICE! GREAT SELLER DEFINITELY MIGHT BUY FROM THIS GUY AGAIN IF THE SERVICE IS NEEDED..... THANKS MAN GOD BLESS

    • RunFollowers

      It's my pleasure thanks for purchase

  • cboan433d
    cboan433d 18 days ago

    Thank you again for the service. My album will release in the next couple of say and will use your service again. Thanks for the quick response in getting everything going.


    • RunFollowers

      thanks for your feedback

  • Niculta
    Niculta 19 days ago

    What a tremendous Service here !!!
    It is truly unbelievable what happen on my Account !!
    Highly recommend !!
    would do it every time again and again!!

    So why wait?? get your promo today !!


    • RunFollowers

      thanks for your feedback

  • MCT6
    MCT6 21 days ago

    Definitely worked will try this again 9/10

  • keennots
    keennots 21 days ago

    Awesome job. Pleased with service.

    • RunFollowers

      You give me negative review
      can you change it, please?

  • nullsaurus
    nullsaurus 21 days ago

    Fantastic! Finally a legit way to promote music for those of us trying to get a start. Will definitely recommend, will definitely use again.

  • cboan433d
    cboan433d 22 days ago

    The service was great. Got alot more plays than expected. I will buy again. Thanks! Charles

Buyers Comments

  • soukoden

    Hey man! Nice new service! Do you have a sample track that I can check out?

    1 year ago
  • YTMJay

    I bought the soundcloud promotion pack but how do I use it

    5 months ago
  • SqueakOfficial

    Blew it out of the water in terms of play's expectations. Went from 2.5k to just shy of 35k Plays in 1 week. Over 200 followers and endless likes. I can't keep up with the notifications. Keep it up! Stay away from bots as much as possible please! Would like the real ears of the world to hear my releases!

    11 months ago
  • joedei90


    hey i bought the promo package. I am waiting it says pending it have not ask for the song link or what not,
    i dont know how this work exactly so please if you see this use this song link url above.

    10 months ago
  • joedei90

    yo everybody who ever this guy is he is legit he is the truth! He gets my legendary cosign

    10 months ago
  • sfmlone

    where are my whiteboards? I've placed 3 orders in the past month and haven't received or seen any whiteboards?

    10 months ago
  • OddySBNS

    I see i have over 12k views on one of my tracks!!! Wow!!! what else is next????

    9 months ago
  • TallTank

    why are all the plays from the Ukraine . why arent none from the untied states.

    5 months ago
  • RunFollowers

    the tracks got plays through embed player on our source, so you can see the location of player instead of users locations

    4 months ago
  • navjah

    dont waste your time or money on these guys its a scam they generate bots none of it actuallly increases you listeners out reach

    3 months ago
  • LoyalBoyHa

    I would like to use this for one of my videos from youtube, will the service still work?? Because it says Soundcloud??

    2 months ago
  • youngsaintnick

    this is awesome!! is there any problem with using it for the same song multiple times tho?

    2 months ago
  • LoyalBoyHa

    I would like to promote my youtube and not soundcloud: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmBIgQJpBND-f1vM0vxeOsg?view_as=subscriber. Please get back to me as soon as possible to fix my promotion. Thanks

    2 months ago
  • youngsaintnick

    Hi, I was supposed to recieve 7000 plays on my song the struggle on may 31st and its june 2nd and nothing has happened..
    heres the URL

    1 month ago
  • FrostManager

    Hi, I am intersted in this service. Can you please pm me with some more info on how exactly this works?

    11 days ago
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