• Organic Mixcloud Promotion
'audiopool' runs and manages a variety of music blogs and pages on social networks. Our pages are visited several thousand times a day. Thanks to our large and genre-related reach, we can target the audience you need.

In this offer we offer organic ads for your Mixcloud content.
It is always 5$ for approx. 50 likes, 25 reposts, 2.000 min playtime.
The bigger the order - the better the result. You can order as often you like.

Use our service to
- increase your plays
- grow a bigger fanbase
- reach higher chart rankings
- win Dj Competitions
- get heard

Please note
- no splitting (1 service = 1 track / mix)
- we can't guarantee any chart rankings
- our service is permanent (there is no way to make it undone)
- our service is real and legit (no violation of mixcloud's TOS)
- we don't do talking podcasts
- please read the FAQs below

Why us?
- 24/7 support
- More than 3 years of experience in social media marketing (specializing in audio marketing)
- safe and professional work - no use of illegal practice (no bots, no fakeprofiles, no spam)
- no detectable connection between mixcloud and seoclerks


What am I paying for?
You're not paying for a previously agreed number of favorites or plays! You're paying us for the time we need to promote your mix. The above-mentioned information regarding the number of likes, reposts and plays are for orientation only and are based on experience.

How does your service work?
To make sure that our offer remains unique, we do not disclose any details about our way of working.
Please respect this.

What are the Mixcloud charts and how do they work?
The most common tags on Mixcloud have a chart. During an upload's first week on Mixcloud an upload will make it into the chart if it has a lot of favorites, shares and listens (longer listens are worth more).

User Ratings

  • mikeyg01
    mikeyg01 5 months ago

    A++ seller as always. Fast response times and very friendly. Highly recommended!

  • Neoneon
    Neoneon 6 months ago

    5 stars can't believe it actually worked that good! Great way to help new artists get out there!

  • mikeyg01
    mikeyg01 6 months ago

    A++ seller as always. Highly recommend to anyone

  • camcolston
    camcolston 6 months ago

    Seller delivered on time and as expected.

  • mikeyg01
    mikeyg01 6 months ago

    Amazing seller as always! Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for mixcloud promotion

  • DoktorKoch
    DoktorKoch 6 months ago

    Happy enough with the number of favourites and reposts, but not so happy with the number of plays. If my memory serves me correct, the same seller used to give more plays using a different selling platform. Maybe I am wrong?

    Thanks anyhow.

Buyers Comments

  • Duffy1086

    Great Service. Used over 10x now and will continue to use in the future.

    11 months ago
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