• rent you 5 High Speed Backconnect Proxies for one month
We came on SeoClerks to offer you THE REAL DEAL of proxy industry. We are proud to have a 28 Million IPs pool. Our services are supported by most of the leading marketing software (Scrapebox, SeNuke, GSA SER, Xrumer, Kontent Machine, Gscraper, etc)

Highlights of Backconnects:
  • 99,99 Guaranteed Up Time
  • Proxy Assigned Every 10 min to Each Port
  • Super Speed 1Gbps
  • Worldwide IPs
  • Unlimited Bandwidith
  • 24/7 Support
  • Multiple Subnets
  • User & Pass Auth or IP Auth (up to 10 IPs)
  • Residential IPs
  • High Anonymity
  • Blazing Fast Servers
  • 100 Connections per proxy

If you have any question about our packages or services don't hesitate to ask. Check our EXTRA for bigger packages. Also if you need any custom packages please contact us and we will offer you cool discounts.

User Ratings

Buyers Comments

  • fr0st3d

    How much proxy will I get?


    2 years ago
  • max77


    If you buy 5 backconnects you will end up using 30 unique Ip's/hour, 720 unique IPs/24hrs and 21600 IPs/month

    Kind regards,

    2 years ago
  • AhrimanSefid

    please let us clear about quantity of proxies in list when we buy 25$ plan? and how you offer the proxies to us with API or proxy list?

    2 years ago
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