• HQ PR SEO TRAFFIC for Boost Alexa and SERP Ranking
The Continuous SEO Friendly HQ PR TRAFFIC with Low Bounce rate and High Duration will help to Boost Your Ranking In Alexa and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) In Google,yahoo,Bing, etc...

Frequently Ask Questions and Answers

Is Your Traffic AdSense safe?
Ans - Yes. 100% Safe

What is the bounce rate?
Ans - Less than 35%

What is average stay time duration?
Ans - High Stay Time Duration - Average 1 min+

What is the Minimum amount of Traffic that we can get for 2$ ?
There will be Minimum 3000+ Seo friendly HQ PR traffic for 5 days - checkout extra for more

Can we adjust spread days as we want?
yes its possible. but please contact inbox before puchasing

Is your Traffic Track able in Google Analytics ?
Ans- Yes 100% will track , there will be impressions 3 times more than Sessions and Users

Can we get Adsense Clicks through this package?
we are not guaranteed clicks , but we can provide CTR traffic too (clicks guaranteed traffic) - contact us Inbox for more details

Is this possible to Target Country?
In this package we can't target country and our default country will be USA. if you want to target country place order this package

What are Traffic sources?
Top 10 Search Engines in 2016

Google.com - (Alexa Rank #1 ) - Traffic will be +40%
Yahoo.com - (Alexa Rank #5 ) - Traffic will be +15%
Bing.com - (Alexa Rank #17 ) - Traffic will be +15%
msn.com - (Alexa Rank #22 )
Ask.com - (Alexa Rank #42 )
Aol.com - (Alexa Rank #154 )
Wow.com - (Alexa Rank #779 )
webcrawler.com - (Alexa Rank #1849 )
Infospace.com - (Alexa Rank #3065 )
mywebsearch.com - (Alexa Rank #4994 )

Can we split total traffic into different sites or pages?
Yes - In this package you can split upto 3 links

Will you provide Adult Traffic?
Ans - No (Also traffic will not provide for YouTube videos, adfly, signup, affiliate links)

How much time will you take to start order?

Ans- Express Fast. Maximum within 48 Hours !!


You can track by Google Analytics with Real Time (I will provide unique goo.gl or bit.ly tracking link to check your traffic details)
TRAFFIC will be spread for the whole day (not only specific hours in a day)
100% safe from Penguin, Panda and latest Hummingbird
Not Guaranteed Sales or Adsense Clicks or Signups or Referrals.

Bulk Traffic Available
Contact us for more enquiry - 24*7 Customer Support

Thank You :-)
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User Ratings

  • Ramses
    Ramses 24 days ago

    Great service, fast and honest! I suggest them as business partners!

    • farahjills

      Outstanding Experience.. Thank You :-)

  • chioibasu
    chioibasu 29 days ago

    Thank you!

    • farahjills

      Outstanding Experience.. Thank You :-)

  • chioibasu
    chioibasu 29 days ago

    Thank you!

    • farahjills

      Outstanding Experience.. Thank You :-)

  • chioibasu
    chioibasu 29 days ago

    Thank you! Good job!

    • farahjills

      Outstanding Experience and looking forward to work more... Thank You :-)

  • kish224
    kish224 3 months ago

    great service

  • msujoy
    msujoy 3 months ago

    Excellent work!

    • farahjills

      Outstanding Experience and Looking forward to work more.. THANK YOU :-)

  • izmirpartner
    izmirpartner 3 months ago

    The traffic of visitors to my website continues. Please stop

  • chioibasu
    chioibasu 4 months ago

    There are problems with this order. The traffic wasn't as described. I'm pretty sure it was done in error. Usually you are doing a great job.

  • chioibasu
    chioibasu 4 months ago

    This order looks good. Thank you!

  • chioibasu
    chioibasu 4 months ago

    Looks good, Thank you!

  • whiteboat
    whiteboat 4 months ago


    • farahjills

      Thank you.  Outstanding experience :-)

  • mknjoroge
    mknjoroge 5 months ago

    Thank You

    • farahjills

      Outstanding experience! 

Buyers Comments

  • farahjills

    Its possible in our keyword targeted traffic package

    3 years ago
  • spunweb

    How about any USA traffic?

    3 years ago
  • farahjills

    Please place any of the my service. Thank you

    3 years ago
  • spunweb

    Ok, but in the past I haven't gotten much US traffic when I have bought from you. So I just want to make sure that is what I am getting if I place a new order. Thanks

    3 years ago
  • farahjills

    We always target 85% from USA .. Please contact me private message for more details

    3 years ago
  • lyhongvu

    SEO Friendly 11000 TRAFFIC for Boost Alexa and SERP Ranking for $2 oder $4

    3 years ago
  • bp14386

    I need cheap bulk traffic. So can you give me your bulr order price please. I need it very urgent.

    3 years ago
  • syufanada

    what you can indonesia traffic?

    3 years ago
  • farahjills

    Yes we can for minimum hq pr 60$ traffic package.. Thank you

    3 years ago
  • SPHH

    Isn´t it be "suspecious" when a website had before -lets say- 1k visitors a day and suddenly it´s getting three times more visitors?
    Would be any possibility to start lower and increasing the vistis over a period of time? (if it would make sense)

    Thanks! :-)

    3 years ago
  • iamrichkid

    what is the max days i can spread this, 30?

    2 years ago
  • salmans1

    Hi Farah, how to send you 3 links of my choice? When I am going to place order, there is no option to set the choices. thanks

    2 years ago
  • AKP1234

    Can it work for my service

    11 months ago
  • praveenseo

    hi can you help me in increasing the alexa ranking in india

    7 months ago
  • panos

    hi, I have two website, I will be able to get traffic to Greece? There will also be a problem with google Adense?

    1 month ago
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