• OnePanel - SMM Panel Script - Drip Function - Big Functionality

Live Demo: http://smm-panel.net/onepanel
The pricing is $25 per month with the right to cancel your subscription whenever you want
Important: After canceling the subscription the last payment won't be refunded.

You will not receive the panel script because of security reasons but we will host it for free with life time support and updates.

Some of our panel features are,
  • Free web hosting with 100% uptime.
  • Fully managable panel from administration panel.
  • All orders are processed instantly.They are sent to your reseller panel(API) or if API is not attached they'll be processed manually.
  • Simple user GUI for best client experience.
  • ULTRA-Lightweight script.No dependencies for the hosting.
  • Ticket support system with navigation addon for displaying all not seen tickets by the user and administrator.
  • Update user profile settings.
  • API system - Version 3.0
  • Automated payment gateways.
  • Services list (can be seen by not logged in users too).
  • API documentation page.
  • Page content feature from where you can add HTML-based content on each page from the administration side.
  • Highly secured software and ultra lightweight.
  • Custom currency and currency symbol.
  • You can set minimum deposit amount.
  • Disable registrations.
  • Custom FAQ list.Add/Edit or remove them.
  • Individual prices for each user for certain service.
  • Reseller group with custom prices per service for the whole group.
  • Fully managable service APIs.Custom API for order and for order status check.
  • Demo account option.
  • Mass order, order multiple services in the same time.
  • Display order charge live under the order panel.[/*]

User Ratings

  • majedalaa
    majedalaa 1 month ago

    hello, how can i add instagram followers please ?

  • clematrix
    clematrix 2 months ago

    What have done so far?

  • kangnovus
    kangnovus 2 months ago

    onepanel script where master

  • Skycenterllc
    Skycenterllc 2 months ago


    • listdev

      Thank you for the review sir.
      If you expect any issues don't hesitate to message us anytime!

  • InkyCG
    InkyCG 2 months ago

    I red it, check out a lot of videos and did not really understood ALL things.
    1. Do the link in MY SERVICES section need to be mydomain.com/myapikey ; smmdomainofthesellor/theapikeyofthesellor/ or my api key ? what syntax exactly please ?

    • listdev

      If you expect any issues please message us sir.

  • dreawstore
    dreawstore 3 months ago

    Thank you
    I look forward to working with you!

    • listdev

      Everything went smooth.
      Will be more than grateful to work again with you!

      Best Regards.

Buyers Comments

  • alokrocks


    5 months ago
  • listdev


    3 months ago
  • Gaperstudio

    Hi sir do you have a demo link that we can see it how its works.?
    everyone asks
    because they want to know what they will buy or not
    is that important?

    5 months ago
  • listdev

    Demo has been added sir.

    3 months ago
  • listdev

    Demo is now available sir.

    3 months ago
  • mertmerdane

    Do we change the theme?
    like a perfect panel

    3 months ago
  • listdev

    Yes, you can switch the template from dark to light.

    3 months ago
  • InkyCG

    HI dude, i'm ready to buy a month to see how it works.
    Pls give me some precisions :
    do we need to have a domain name ?
    do we need to have a hosting ?
    Do you provide any installation help?
    Do we have to connect us trhough YOUR panel ?


    3 months ago
  • listdev

    1) Yes, you need a domain name.
    2) No, we will host the script.
    3) We will install it.
    4) I don't understand your question sir.

    Please message us in private so we can talk sir.

    3 months ago
  • MediaBooster

    Hi !

    Possible with name domain (.fr ) ?
    Has to pay once or everything months ?
    And If I am not expert, is it complicated to put the services of the other panels smm in your panel OnePanel ?
    And last question, possible to have the currency in €, and the language in French?

    Thanks !

    2 months ago
  • listdev

    Domain extension does not matter sir, you can choose between all domain extensions.
    It's subscription service which means, it's $25 per month.

    Best Regards.

    2 months ago
  • ajlan

    what about the provider ? do you provide the service and how much for Twitter ?

    2 months ago
  • listdev

    We provide a list with social media services providers sir from where you can buy the services and resell them to your customers.

    2 months ago
  • ajlan

    could you give me hire website to check the prices if it good to me ?

    2 months ago
  • listdev

    The list with suppliers we provide is with the cheapest rates on the market sir.
    We can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

    2 months ago
  • ajlan

    could you send it to me via private message

    because I tried with some people but their server is very slow and dropping

    Thank you

    2 months ago
  • listdev

    Sorry but the list is delivered only with the order of our panel.

    2 months ago
  • mlmDZ

    hello sir, when i buy script , how i can add service smm in my custumer!?

    30 days ago
  • listdev

    From the administration panel.
    Also there is attached guide for users who don't have any experience with managing any SMM platform.

    29 days ago
  • priyasein

    every month i need to pay you ?

    15 days ago
  • ansari22

    After buying...can i add more services??

    10 days ago
  • listdev

    Of course, you can add unlimited amount of services to your panel.

    9 days ago
  • ansari22

    Can i put the indian currency in use ??
    and use of automatic paytm deposit ??

    9 days ago
  • listdev

    Yes, you can set custom currency but to integrate paytm it will cost extra to be developed.
    Also if you have any other questions before purchasing, please send us a private message.

    Best regards.

    9 days ago
  • listdev

    Please message us on private message so we can give you administrator login credentials.

    7 days ago
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