• 1 year - Linux web hosting + Free SSL - 100GB Transfer and 1GB Storage
  • 1 year - Linux web hosting + Free SSL - 100GB Transfer and 1GB Storage
  • 1 year - Linux web hosting + Free SSL - 100GB Transfer and 1GB Storage
Most for those who offered unlimited hosting are faking, because a server has a limit... and no one on earth can offer real unlimited resources, so don't believe those ads..
If you have become unsatisfied with our services with the first 30 days due to " service that we promised you but did not provide", we will refund your hosting fee. If the issue is related to something that we did not promise you to provide then this 30 day money back guarantee SO YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!!!! ;)



1 GB Disk Space
100 GB Bandwidth​
Upto Unlimited FTP Accounts
Upto Unlimited MySQL Database

Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited POP3 with SMTP
Easy to use Webmail Interface

File Manager
Unlimited Sub-Domian?
View Website Statistics
1 Click App Installation (Powered by Softaculous)

99.99% Uptime Guarantee
30 Day Moneyback Guarantee
24x7x365 Support

Dual 2.40GHz Xeon Processor
250GB RAID 1 OS Drive
1TB Cached Customer Drive

Apache 2.2x
PHP 5.3x, 5.4x, Perl, Python
Ruby On Rails

Anti Spam & Virus Protection
Secure FTP Access
Hotlink & Leech Protection
phpMyAdmin Access

Soon i'll provide a link for the terms but for now the most important one is:

SPAM and Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE).

"AymanLS" takes a zero tolerance approach to the sending of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM over our network. Under no circumstances are you to solicit the sending of UCE or SPAM over our network or you will be subject to penalties and service termination. (a) Violation of "AymanLS"'s SPAM policy will result in severe penalties. Upon notification of an alleged violation of our SPAM policy, "AymanLS" will initiate an immediate investigation (within 48 hours of notification). During the investigation, "AymanLS" may restrict customer access to the network to prevent further violations. If a customer is found to be in violation of our SPAM policy, "AymanLS" may, at its sole discretion, restrict, suspend or terminate customer's account. Further, "AymanLS" reserves the right to pursue civil remedies for any costs associated with the investigation of a substantiated policy violation. "AymanLS" will notify law enforcement officials if the violation is believed to be a criminal offense. c. As our Customers are ultimately responsible for the actions of their clients over the network, it is advisable that Customers develop a similar, or stricter, policy for their clients.

User Ratings

  • azhpia
    azhpia 4 years ago

    Good JOB Good Service... Thanks Fast Respon

    • AymanLS

      thank you.. good buyer

  • kennchronic
    kennchronic 4 years ago

    Thanks For Your Service.
    Will Order Again.

    • AymanLS

      u r always welcome

Buyers Comments

  • siebo

    Hi, the ip is from USA or another country and daily email send limits?

    3 years ago
  • AymanLS

    it's from USA, and we allow 200 email per hour, but we don't allow spams..

    3 years ago
  • marketmultiply

    ONE gigabyte storage?

    You can barely fit one standard website in that space.

    Disk is so ridiculously cheap these days... why not at least 25gb or 50gb ?

    2 years ago
  • AymanLS

    around 90% of the websites barely use 500MB (0.5GB)
    and yes we can offer 25gb or 50GB or even more, but you have to pay more
    our services are top and quality .. with 99.9% uptime

    however if you knew the prices for the dedicated servers you can know that who provides unlimited space or 50GB are not honest, and they have lot of policies to not let you use that space

    2 years ago
  • marketmultiply

    OK, so I don't need "tons" of storage, but I currently have 15-20 "lead generation" Wordpress sites. Individually they aren't that large, but probably around 300-500mb each. So we're looking at 10gb already there.

    Then I have a couple of (Wordpress-based) "consulting company" sites that are maybe ~1.5 gb each. (Some hosted promo videos, graphic content, pdf report downloads, etc.)

    As you can see, I am not using "tons" of resources, probably less than 20gb total. (In contrast, my laptop drives have 1Tb each, and they're getting full...!)

    Having access to 100Gb monthly bandwidth is fantastic ...

    But the key here for me is actually that I need to be confident about the CPU process limits. None of these sites actually does very much ... except when they run their backup jobs. I use "Updraft Plus" wordpress plugin, and it works great. I use it to store backups in Google Drive, and it has saved me several times when I found that I was working with a very unreliable, hosting provider that destroyed all of my sites when he just decided to take down his service. (I think maybe he got IP blocked from his spam emails... so that was his way of evading consequences for his own bad behavior.)

    So I moved to another service provider -- yeah "unlimited" domains, etc -- and then I saw that my site backups were never completing. I sent in a ticket and they said "You are using too many processes, you must buy a VPS."

    Huh?? Makes no sense, because the sites were doing literally NOTHING except running a backup job to send data to Google Drive.

    THAT is when they told me "You are only allowed 10 processes."

    So... "unlimited sites" for my account REALLY means "one site" that doesn't do anything at all. Yeah.

    I am not someone that abuses my hosting privileges, I don't do anything bad or try to over-use my resources and hurt other people. But I do need basic HONEST hosting service.

    When I saw your post here, I basically liked what I saw, but "One Gigabyte" doesn't make any sense. (I can buy a One Terabyte drive at my local computer store for only USD $100!)

    So... how about raising those account disk space limits up to 50gb, and tell us what the "CPU process" limits are, if any?

    As I say, I'm not someone looking to abuse your service, I just need to know that your limits are reasonable, and you are going to be around and not find that my sites somehow just "vanished" one day...

    2 years ago
  • AKP1234

    is this service available

    1 year ago
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