• The US Fast Shared Hosting Server With Free SSL Certificates
Server Hosting Location - New York, USA [ Latest IP Add: ]

2018 New Lightspeed Feature! The better speed with covering more cores and connections.

( Same Price Renewal for the 2nd year, 3rd year and so on...! )

Unlimited Addon Domains including subdomains

Hosting Features:
• Pure SSD Hosting
• LiteSpeed
• MariaDB
• Mulitple PHP Version - 5.6/7.0/7.1
• LiteSpeed + Cloudlinux + CageFS
• DDOS Protection
• Softaculous Apps Installer
• R1Soft CDP Backups
• Attractive SEO Tools
• RvSiteBuilder Pro
• 99.999% Uptime Guarantee
• 24/7 Support
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
• FREE Unlimited SSL Certificates (Renewal is not required)

NYBasic Package: $US5.00 Per Year ( Renewable Every Year )
50 GB Disk Space (SPECIAL OFFER) from 5GB to 50GB
•Unmetered Bandwidth
•Unlimited Addon Domains
•Unlimited MySQL Databases
•Unlimited Email Accounts
•Unlimited FTP
•Website Builder
•cPanel Control Panel
•Free unlimited Instant Installed SSL Certificates

NYProfessional Package: $US10.00 Per Year ( Renewable Every Year )
100 GB Disk Space
•Unmetered Bandwidth
•Unlimited Addon Domains
•Unlimited MySQL Databases
•Unlimited Email Accounts
•Unlimited FTP
•Website Builder
•cPanel Control Panel
•Free unlimited Instant Installed SSL Certificates

NYDeluxe Package: $US25.00 $20 Per Year ( Renewable Every Year )
Unlimited Disk Space
•Unmetered Bandwidth
•Unlimited Addon Domains
•Unlimited MySQL Databases
•Unlimited Email Accounts
•Unlimited FTP
•Website Builder
•cPanel Control Panel
•Free unlimited Instant Installed SSL Certificates

Why Choose Our Server At New York Location?

  1. Fast Server - Intel Xeon 1240!
  2. We have storage servers for backup purposes, so, you can restore & backup your websites at any time. You can restore your website at any time because we don’t delete files!
  3. Malware Scan: All hosting plans come with CSF and LFD firewalls and a real-time malware and virus scanner directly inside cPanel. Plus brute-force detection as an added layer of security!
  4. Website secured with free SSL certificates!
  5. Our New York server have a DDoS protection, yes, any kind of websites will be protected.
  6. I am a professional WordPress blogger, thus, I know what problems you may face.
** Multiple PHP version

** Automatic add SSL to all domains & subdomains(E.g W/WordPress)
Https:// Screenshot: Test.php

** No more needed to add free SSL manually through Let's Encrypt.

SEOclerks Promaster67 New York Hosting Terms & Conditions:
  1. Terms Of Services - Visit Here!
  2. Acceptable Use Policy(AUP) - Visit Here!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Did your server provide daily backup of every cPanel data?
A: Yes we provide Daily / Weekly / Monthly backup. And we soon will provide a better version of backup that is not exist anywhere that will let our clients restore their websites with one click.

Q: Did you provide free migration?
A: The answer is simply " Yes " We do a free migration for you as long as your existing host is also using cPanel control panel with standard cPanel backups feature enabled. All we want from you is a little bit time adding to the process of migration!

Q: You are offering cheap hosting, what if the server down, how fast for it be back online?
A: I, myself have few domains on the server for both New York and Phoenix, so, without having you contact me for the issue, I have already contacted our server team. The team is in the US, so, it might take a few hours, usually not more than 6 hours.

Q: I do not know how change the Nameserver?
A: Message me through SEOclerks inbox.

Q: I do not know how increase memory size or select PHP version?
A: Message me through SEOclerks inbox.

Q: Is mass or auto sending email to allow for the hosting?
A: Thousands domain hosted on our shared hosting environment. Unsolicited commercial advertisements (‘SPAM’) and bulk send email are not allowed in e-mail, and will likely result in service termination. So, we take a zero-tolerance approach to SPAM originating from its servers or for spam advertising of domains hosted within our network. If found, YOUR account may be suspended, if no action within 24 hours your account get termination and no refund.

Q: How long does it take for your support to do the migration? Approximate time?
A: This depends on how many websites you are going to migrate, We have fasts SSD disks, also we have raid 10 hard disks both have a great speed. But if you have many websites for example 50 websites and every website have 1 GB storage. 50 websites = 50GB we can do a restoration in just 40 minutes! But if you want us to do the migration, for example, a website with 5GB Space this won't take 5 Minutes ( From the time our staff starts the migration ). Please take note, after you sent details to us, no change can be made. So, confirm 100% from your end.

Q: I am from Indonesia, which server location do you recommend?
A: We have tested with the buyer from Medan, Indonesia, the server at Phoenix location is best in terms of speed. However, we allow you to try both server until you are happy choosing the right one for your business. So, proceed with the order without a single worry. Thanks

Q: virus scanner is missing...
A: Our server has just removed the csf firewall from the roots on Feb 12, 2018, after many complaints regarding it. After the removal, before we sent xmail out, cannot be received by other xmail...
So, to solve the problem, this is the only way to make everyone happy.

Q: I received a lot of message from my site said "the website did not load well"?
A: The server is working great. Don't depend on the other monitoring services because of the number of connections looks like ddos attack that's why our firewall is filtering these ips and block it for a while.

Q: If I am not happy with the hosting in New York, can you change to other location?
A: Sure, we will change it to a different location, same price, and specs at Phoenix location that came with free auto-renewable SSL certificates as well but with a different IP address. - https://www.seoclerk.com/shared-we...SL-Certificates. We will adjust the date different with our professional excel spreadsheet controller.

You Must Provide A Valid Domain:
A client without providing a valid domain will be canceled and refunded. This will be your main domain for your cPanel account. Others are addon domain.

*** Change of Master/Main Domain***
Kindly take note that the changing of the master domain not including addon domain. The changing is only to a single domain - Main domain.
That is an additional fee of $5 for the changing. Check the extras for this service. So, please consider using your best domain as a master domain for the hosting.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to answer them.

All Orders Are Processed Monday To Sunday 08:00 - 24:00, Tuesday: 10.00 - 17:00
Visit here to view the current time in Kuala Lumpur and see if I am available for these hours. Orders will not be processed outside these hours which can be viewed by checking here If you have a question please INBOX me.

* I will put all info into the "Excel" including your domain registered and expired date.

Add extras to your order

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*includes the price of the service

User Ratings

  • multimrweb
    multimrweb 2 days ago

    Thank you! Very fast delivery. The seller was fast and courteous, and was able to change my server to phoenix.

    • promaster67

      You're welcome!
      Thank you for your understanding and patient.

      Thank you very much

  • jhoang
    jhoang 2 months ago

    hi can you check for me.
    i can't send xmail with domain

    • promaster67

      Thank you for ordering again.
      Check the screenshot, send and receive no problem.
      We will follow up via SEOclerks inbox messaging.
      Have a great day!

  • aminvx
    aminvx 3 months ago

    ok thnks

    • promaster67

      You are welcome! Thank you for ordering again.

  • zd2791
    zd2791 4 months ago

    Received. Fast delivery.

    • promaster67

      Thank you for marking this as complete.
      It means a lot!

      Best wishes for every good thing come to you.
      Have an outstanding day!

  • reflexgig
    reflexgig 5 months ago

    Amazing seller. I will be back. Believing the hosting will be top notch

    • promaster67

      Great buyer with a very good understanding and kind-hearted person.
      Welcome to the hosting and,
      Wishing you Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2018!

  • RaspyBrain
    RaspyBrain 6 months ago

    Fast service

    • promaster67

      Thank you for your patient and understanding.
      You're awesome!
      Have a great day!

  • victorpower
    victorpower 6 months ago

    Friend mi hosting no found

    • promaster67

      The detail was sent to you on 9 October. Check your inbox for how to download the attachment file.

      Thank you

  • jhoang
    jhoang 7 months ago

    The service is so FAST, PROFESSIONAL and OUTSTANDING .I recommend to those who want to find best service in here.
    Thank you very much.

    • promaster67

      Thank you so much for the kind words. It means a lot. If there is an issue, feel free to ask at any time. I am glad to answer any question from a great buyer like you.
      Have an outstanding day!

  • bobmcd
    bobmcd 7 months ago


    • promaster67

      Thank you for your kindness to mark the service completed once again.
      Any issue, I will try and help to the best I can.

  • infini3
    infini3 8 months ago

    Your service was very fast. I will follow your instructions doc to configure the settings. Hopefully this is a reliable service for the low cost. I have a few websites I'd like to migrate over. Thank you very much.

    • promaster67

      Thank you for completing the order and support.
      For the migration of one cPanel to another cPanel, pls reply the inbox message.
      Have a great day!

Buyers Comments

  • raubiya

    i will pay you 8$ if you upload my wordpress in your 1 year web hosting service site in this order, 5$ your hosting price and 3$ is wordpress upload charge. if yes please contact

    6 months ago
  • promaster67


    What is the capacity(MB) of your current WordPress?
    I can agree with you on the price for one blog/WordPress site.

    Thank you for inquiry.

    6 months ago
  • AKP1234

    I am interested please give me additional info and your template

    4 months ago
  • promaster67

    Didn't understanding what you really mean.
    Please describe as clearly as possible.
    Thank you

    4 months ago
  • Nacho

    Hi Promaster, I have contracted with you this hosting:
    I want to make sure if in this other hosting I can get SSL certificates from the control panel, for free.
    Thank you.

    4 months ago
  • promaster67

    For the Arizona server, you must have a dedicated IP for you be able to install the SSL certificates.

    Thank you

    4 months ago
  • Nacho

    Yes, yes, I know that, we already talked about it.
    I ask for the server in New York, does it have a dedicated ip?

    4 months ago
  • promaster67

    For the server in New York and Phoenix server, both will auto-installed the SSL certificate on the domain and subdomain.
    You do not need a dedicated to New York server.
    However, you can separate buy the dedicated IP for your own domain and the price is $24 per year.

    Thank you

    4 months ago
  • kotan

    How long are you planning to support this hosting?
    I have bought hosting from SEOclerk for many times, but always hosters just go away and all sites was destroyed.

    3 months ago
  • promaster67

    Have you read the Terms of service(TOC). Not everything is allowed to be hosted. Although we are doing backup, advice to back up yourself for latest update like WP version and Softaculous latest script. However, if a hosting get a banning, we will give 12-24hrs for backup before the final removal. Thank you

    3 months ago
  • kotan

    Which hosting is better?
    This 10Gb with SSL or 50Gb with 1Gbps port and without SSL??
    Which is prefer for USA visitors?

    3 months ago
  • promaster67

    1) For a non-e-commerce website:
    Important: Please read the TOC of the server at Arizona, it has limitation of inode per domain(Although I have a guide to show how to deal with this), inode or files usage is limited in the way its use of emails, images, and large images etc which consumed much of shared hosting resources. Another thing is the PHP script is fixed for security purposes in considering of thousands of domains on the host.

    2) For an e-commerce website:
    You can choose either New York or Phoenix location because you'll get auto SSL assigned to the domain or subdomain. No limitation on inode usage but do please read the TOC as well,

    BTW, since we are not using automatic billing system here, so, we can swap one location to another location by manually create the account for the swapping.

    In addition, we strictly follow SEOclerks rules and regulations by only messaging via inbox as well the renewal will only be done here too.

    Final note: If we think that your usage of the server is over utilize the CPU resources(This is a shared-host), it will be automatically banned immediately for the consideration of other domains hosted with us. We will give you sufficient time to backup so you can move to a better server like VPS or Dedicated server.

    Thank you very much
    Have a great day!

    3 months ago
  • kushibro

    I'm looking a hosting service for set-up a facebook fun app viral script . Can i do it with this service ?

    1 month ago
  • inoxtinta

    I need to by SSL for my site.
    Is it ok for

    20 days ago
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