• 15 Tweets / 15 different accounts
With this service I will have 15 different accounts tweet what ever it is you like 2x daily (meaning all 15 accounts will send the tweet out twice). These accounts all mainly have followers that are music lovers & has tides to the entertainment business. Buy this service & get your message out the right way!
Your tweets will start within hours of purchase & service will be completed within 16 hrs.

User Ratings

  • Basemr12300
    Basemr12300 8 months ago

    thanks a lot, good seller and fast.

    • BB843

      Thanks a lot sir!

  • FlowGod
    FlowGod 9 months ago

    thanks great work

    • BB843

      Your welcome!

  • promomixtapes
    promomixtapes 9 months ago

    I gave a thumbs up ONLY because he sent a screenshot from 1 tweet to show it went out.

    The problem I have is I added my @TwitterName so I would see the tweets go out. Some reason the tweets never showed up on my end. I am a bit disappointed that my @TwitterName was not tagged. I don't know why I didn't receive any notifications of ANY Tweets going out.

    I requested screenshots from all tweets to see that they actually went out. The service provider only sent a scre

    • BB843

      Yes sir I only sent 1 for proof but I gave u all the Twitter handles that tweeted u so u could go 2 their page & see for yourself that the job was done exactly how u asked! Idk why it didn't show in your notifacations. Hopefully this doesn' happen again, thanks!

  • nvdoug
    nvdoug 10 months ago

    good service, thank you for offering

    • BB843

      Your welcome & thank you!

  • eekca
    eekca 11 months ago


  • YourOwnMusic
    YourOwnMusic 11 months ago

    thank you so much amazing i will order more

  • bobjoehax3
    bobjoehax3 11 months ago

    Thanks so much for your great work and communication!

    • BB843

      Your welcome sir!

  • only1theory
    only1theory 12 months ago

    Awesome gig

    • BB843

      Thank you sir!

  • passo
    passo 1 year ago

    thank you^^

    • BB843

      Your welcome sir 

Buyers Comments

  • pageclub

    how many accts do you have that you can use?
    i will give you the tweet for each acct

    2 years ago
  • BB843

    15 different accounts.

    2 years ago
  • matthew13

    How many REAL people are following on each Twitter account?

    2 years ago
  • hoavin


    i want 5000 acc tweet on 5000 acc! Can you do it?

    2 years ago
  • BB843

    No im sorry sir

    2 years ago
  • BB843

    Yes it's ok. Just place your order to get started.

    10 months ago
  • sdamy65

    do you provide report ? if yes I could have sample ?

    9 months ago
  • BB843

    I only provide the twitter handles that tweet your tweets.

    9 months ago
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