• Video Spokesperson for commercials , product reviews , and more!
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Offering the following services:
Video Commercials
Video Testimonials
Product Reviews / Unboxing / Demos / How-To Videos
Kickstarter Videos
Website Spokesperson Videos
Explainer Videos
Screen Capture Videos (Display your software or website behind me)

Video Spokesperson - Commercials - Product Vids / Demonstrations - Live Streams - Promotional Vids

Optional Consultation available for $5
(For long term projects or complex ones)

CUSTOM - $5 per 80 words of script - Your choice of background picture Free!
Extras Include:
$5 Add Logo / Video / or Picture
$15 Music Backing
$15 Logo intro (animated)
$15 Lower Third (Customizable + animated)
$5 per block of text (20 words)

STANDARD - 1 Minute Package - $75 (160 words max)AMAZING Professionally edited video including:
  • Background of your choice
  • Music
  • Your Logo
  • Up to 2 pictures / videos (You send)
  • On-screen Text

PREMIUM - 2 Minute Package - $150 (320 words max)
Includes the same as above + possible enhancements below:
  • Animated Lower Third w/your logo + 2 lines of text // All Fully Customizable
  • Limited Scouting of Royalty Free Stock Footage / Music / Graphics to enhance your video
  • Optional Virtual TV screen beside me
  • Brief showing of a website

Delivery takes 3-7 days (Can rush for extra)

Re-do Policy: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dc0tzg2y...0Policy.txt?dl=0

Full Works Sample Library:

If your script is over 320 words , you must contact me before ordering so I can give you a proper price quote. (Use www.wordcounter.net to count your script)

Due to the difficult nature of offering video services at a fixed price.. I prefer clients to Contact Me Before Ordering so that I can provide you with a proper price quote for your specific video needs. In the meantime , here is a good idea of what I charge.

Script Writing = $25 per minute
Demonstration of Products = $10-$40 (Depends on what needs to be done)
Add Sounds/Pictures/Logos = $5 each
Music = $10 (You provide) $20 if I provide it.
Background Change = +$10
On-screen Text Block = $5 (20 character limit per text block)
Default Background is a nice silver background.
Your Website shown as my background: +$10
Your Website Shows as a moving video (Great for helping clients order from you!): +$40
SEVERAL Backgrounds to choose from - Ask for our samples!

User Ratings

  • yisites
    yisites 9 months ago

    great seller and outstanding experience!

  • yisites
    yisites 9 months ago

    great seller and outstanding experience!

  • jimmm123
    jimmm123 2 years ago

    yes it complete thanks

    • VideoStore

      Thanks jimm , a pleasure working with you on this large project =)

  • jimmm123
    jimmm123 3 years ago

    perfect work thanks

Buyers Comments

  • VideoStore

    Hey Powerstone - thanks for inquiring about our services.
    All you need to do is create the $30 order, as that is our minimum service here that covers up to 2 minutes of your script and attach your script to the order. If you'd like you logo shown , send that as well
    (.png with invisible backround works best).

    3 years ago
  • VideoStore

    You are talking to me on my service page , how about sending me an inbox message. ;)

    3 years ago
  • jimmm123

    question, i have another website www.miraclealternatives.com i may want 9 videos for the 9 products with our logo, picture of the product and reading my script for each one explaining what the devices is used for and a product summary, i cant pay what i paid before, it need to be abou $30.00 each,. and i have 100 more products for potential videos as well

    3 years ago
  • FionaLamber

    Hi! I'm looking for someone who can create review video to promote my service.Will you also upload the video to your own Youtube video account?How many subscribers do you have?

    11 months ago
  • VideoStore

    At the moment I've got 2k real subscribers and I don't offer any sort of service like you're looking for.
    I charge $10 to have me mention your products as a "sponsor" for that particular show. I have a lot of political , Non-GMO , Vegan / Vegetarian , Truther , Prepper , Anti-vaxxer people at least subscribed to me.. As far as uploading a video to my channel. I don't think I'm willing to do that for any less than $100 as I don't particularly want anyone else's video on my stuff. It would be labeled as a "Sponsored" video upload. Get in touch via the inbox - I would much rather do a commercial for you.

    11 months ago
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