• create amazing video intros
I will create amazing logo intros for you (just like the video from description
The logo animations can be for:

Your Company
Youtube Channel
Website etc.

You will get with Basic $1 gig:

HD Video Quality (1280X720p)
Output Format in mp4.

You will need to provide, text, slogan or your website.

Final Title
Final Subtitle

User Ratings

  • chandam
    chandam 27 days ago

    Good work thanks

    • socialjob


  • winston3204
    winston3204 3 months ago

    Great job. Love the template and how it all comes together. You did a great job and no mistakes. I want to compliment you on your great service and attention to details. Thank you!!!!!

    • socialjob

      Welcome!! Thanks for the order!

  • seoclercsmurf
    seoclercsmurf 5 months ago

    Very nice intro
    Very good and fast seller!

    5/5 Stars worth

    • socialjob

      Thank you!

Buyers Comments

  • ianraa

    Hi, can I send you .png frames (60) 2 sec? I need .gif, slower than 2 sec, should last 5 sec. Would be nice to make some visual effect on animation done, lighting or something. White background. Resolution is 500x500. Can you do it? Thanks,

    2 years ago
  • Persephone101

    Hello. How much do you charge for 3-5 min video? Thanks

    11 months ago

    Vous travailler avec quel logiciel? et combien de temps dure un intro. J'ai bien vu un exemple en avez vous plusieurs pour faire le tri et payé au moins 3 exemples et vous me donnerai un tutoriel pour changer les lettres et des images. Merci pour votre retour.

    9 months ago
  • mmoviet

    2$ and Will I get a video like that?

    7 months ago
  • wordman1


    I love the work. Can I get a 30 sec intro that "pops" for my local business clients? I just want something that I can upload to their Google My Business listing. Something that is specific to their business but is a super fast call to action. I am not sure what I would call it but I am kind of thinking of like on youtube when the intro pops up and it says you can cancel the video in 10 secs but the video still gets it point across. Is that something you could do? I will have about 20 services a month if so.


    6 months ago
  • Krantsi

    he is very bad professional he told me 10th of october he will has ready my video and he today 12/10 delivered anything he also doesnt answer to the comments even if he was logged online many times. he is very bad professional i cant understand how he has this positive comment are fakes. he answered one time and he dissapeared i said to my advisors 10th of october they ll have the video and he dissapeared not even one message

    4 months ago
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