• I will give 120+ wordpress premuim themes just
  • I will give 120+ wordpress premuim themes just
  • I will give 120+ wordpress premuim themes just
This is a special offer on Seoclerks, Get $2500+ worth Themes for Just 5$.
Isn't Awesome.

1 service =

30 Latest Elegent Themes

40 Awesome Themeforest Themes

10 MyThemeshop themes

28 Themekingdom Themes

10 Themejunkie Themes

10 WooThemes

Bonus: (Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin )

Here are names of some Elegent themes in this GIG:-

Divi (Awesome)(Latest)

Themes are also in PSD FILES.....!!!!

Is it Legal?

Yes it is 100% legal as I got developer account from Studiopress,Elegent Themes and can use those themes as many time as desired with lifetime upgrade. Cheers

User Ratings

  • bright666
    bright666 1 year ago

    Yes, it's what I did. Let me mark this transaction as complete. I'm also going to give you a positive rating.

    • zaryab


  • miu5
    miu5 2 years ago

    thank u

    BLOGTIPS 2 years ago

    Service was okay. Some duplicated folders/files. Some missing css and some zip files were corrupted.
    I'd hoped to get the themes faster but it was on time.
    Elegant themes were available and attractive they do look nice in mobile view but themes are from 2013.
    Only buy if youre seeking an elegant theme & about 2 or 3 more folders are working-
    How do I remove the advertiser link in footer? Elegant themes?

  • bollarboy
    bollarboy 3 years ago

    Fast and quick delivery

  • Guille
    Guille 3 years ago

    sorry I googled it! thanks for your service

    • zaryab


  • meohoang6789
    meohoang6789 4 years ago

    thank you

    • zaryab

      Outstanding Experience

  • netiwork
    netiwork 4 years ago

    cool, waiting for reply...

  • elisealt
    elisealt 4 years ago


    • zaryab

      Custom WordPress themes are only used for separate hosting! OR Premium Website

  • Customsdotcom
    Customsdotcom 4 years ago

    i thought wordpress themes already came premuim but still have to pay for the upgrade for a real premuim wordpress theme so I guess it was my mistake i could get this same themes from wordpress.com fuckn rip off

  • Vencinar
    Vencinar 4 years ago

    Thank you, delivered as promised

    • zaryab


  • SureBro
    SureBro 4 years ago

    God bless you.
    Amazing work

  • money2e
    money2e 5 years ago

    perfect job. Thank you

  • vicolin
    vicolin 5 years ago

    Cool themes - thanks!

    • zaryab


Buyers Comments

  • chintaless


    IF IN CASE, i need assistance whom should i contact in future and for example, if you stop your membership with above said theme firm, is it still free since license is given to you, not me?

    4 years ago
  • chintaless

    i checked PM, I found no message from your end there.

    4 years ago
  • maskedavenger

    hey could you give me a list of themes provided?

    3 years ago
  • zaryab

    You can PM with theme Name!

    3 years ago
  • eidoffers

    hello there, can i know the list of themes

    3 years ago
  • eidoffers

    We are interested, can u just PM us

    3 years ago
  • kioluong

    can I update themes after installed with no risk ?

    3 years ago
  • easi23

    Is X theme included in this bundle?

    2 years ago
  • HimasRafeek

    I really want to buy this gig!
    Are you there?

    Can I Order?

    Thank you!
    Waiting for your reply!

    8 months ago
  • zaryab

    Yes Sure Order now

    7 months ago
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