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On-Page SEO is the most essential part on TOP Google ranking. Without properly optimized webpage you can't rank your website for your targeted keywords even with thousands of backlinks. That's true!!!

"If you are building links without optimizing your webpages, then you are simply wasting your money and time"

According to experts report 90% people fail to rank their website due to the lack of proper on-page optimization. They just run behind backlinks without optimizing their webpages.

We will optimize your wordpress blog for 20$ (please note that for $20 we will optimize 5 pages ) More than 5 pages optimization will cost you $5 per page extra.

"By optimizing the webpages for their targeted keywords, They will rank higher on Google"

We will do -

1- Activate the best and premium SEO plug in to your blog
2- Header tags optimization
3- Page title optimization
4- Keyword density management
5- Content optimization (The webpage should have minimum 300 words article)
6- Image alter tags
7- Meta tags optimization
8- Inner page linking
9- Competition analysis
10- ​Rich Snippets activation (Make your post a product review, Event, Product, People, recipe ) Google love this very much !!!

Properly optimized webpages, blog posts rank higher on Google.
Just look at the top rankers and their on-page SEO -

Boost your traffic and sales by optimizing the pages. It will simply shoot up your site towards top ranking.....

Please note that - On-page SEO is the first step of SEO. But it is not the everything. After on-page SEO you need to build backlinks to rank.

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  • SilverGoldSeo
    SilverGoldSeo 4 months ago


    • seoboyz

      Thank you for using our service and giving us your valuable feedback.

    BMOTUS 1 year ago

    good thanks

  • damtsa
    damtsa 2 years ago

    Excellent service and great working with Seoboyz. Look forward to always on a basis.

  • transfers2016
    transfers2016 2 years ago

    2 weeks late delivery for a swallow job. Optimize 3 page for content that I buy.
    I remove one ALT from image on homepage for check his job. Image remain without alt.
    Sure he ask to fix problem but I don't like warm up the food

    • seoboyz

      Hello sir,
      Due to Christmas it was a delay. But we responded all your messages and keep you updated.
      We have worked with buyers even after the delivery till they get the expected result.If you don't want us to fix the issue, then how can we help you. Will the negative feedback solve the issue?

  • damtsa
    damtsa 2 years ago

    Awesome service, Seoboyz a very dedicated seller and was very committed on completing the project, very satisfied, Thanks!

    • seoboyz

      Thank you sir.

  • juicyt
    juicyt 3 years ago

    Good Job. Did as required and everything looks well done. Also added a little extra I see so thank you very much. Will use again... right now infact!

  • madhn
    madhn 3 years ago

    Thank You Very Much SeoBoyz, Outstanding Experience

  • abelyang
    abelyang 3 years ago

    Hi , i have add it but not sure that is correct what you want.

    • seoboyz

      Hello sir,
      You have to just log in with webmaster and analytics tool and put the activation code into their respective form on the wordpress site. Once you put the code they will verify your website and you can track the status.

  • musicandmagic
    musicandmagic 3 years ago

    Excellent, thank you guys!

    • seoboyz

      Thank you sir. Very understanding buyer. It was very nice working with you.

  • maruco
    maruco 3 years ago

    ok thank you

  • jaumjauh
    jaumjauh 3 years ago

    Why a website with keywords that are not already on the target sata page 1 google.co.id
    and I really hope all the home page of my website url: http://www.speedbetlink.com

    could be on page 1 google.co.id

    okay .. I am waiting for a good result for my website ..
    Thanks seoboyz

    • seoboyz

      Hello sir,
      Onpage SEO is the first step of SEO. It makes your website relevant for the keywords you are targeting. And google get to know about it. And to rank you need to build links for the site. The over all job help a website achieve 1st page ranking. You can now start building links to see the ranking results. It may need a few campaigns to get the ranking.

  • Pwpopdan
    Pwpopdan 3 years ago

    Awesome job. Great seller

    • seoboyz

      Thank you...

  • rior1
    rior1 3 years ago

    Thank you

  • MikeC42069
    MikeC42069 4 years ago

    Nice job! Creative and informative. Thanks so much for your work. I plan on adding a couple product pictures and linking them to those specific products throughout the article, then I will post them on my wordpress and blogger. I appreciate it.

    In the next week or so I will purchase the sniper seo package. With my keywords ranking from page 2 - 7 of Google right now, I'm hoping that the sniper package will help sky rocket them to page 1.

    Thanks again!

    • seoboyz

      Thank you.

  • takeaction24
    takeaction24 4 years ago

    Super fast and great Value when you consider the plugin they install costs way more than the service alone.

Buyers Comments

  • rican75

    I got a question. when I put a ad in facebook it was very nice now something different shows up with a old picture and content is old and the url has many signals in it do you fix this too

    4 years ago
  • shewfao


    4 years ago
  • seoboyz

    We need the WP log in details,
    The fiver webpages you want to optimize and their targeted keywords.


    4 years ago
  • ashxrose

    Can you optimize a website also?

    4 years ago
  • maose

    Is this service still offered

    3 years ago
  • jaumjauh

    I want to use this service ..
    and I want my website to compete in page 1 google.co.id

    but my website berkonten football agent, football gambling, online gambling, soccer betting, online casino from countries Indonesia

    if you can help my website ...

    3 years ago
  • seoboyz

    Hello sir,
    You can send us a PM regarding your issues and we will assist you better there.
    Please give us the website and keywords details and also state your issues to get advices on your websites.
    Please let us know if you have any questions we will be happy to help you.


    3 years ago
  • apurba

    Can you do SEO for this site, http://savemp3.net

    3 years ago
  • seoboyz

    Hello sir,
    We can help you to optimize this website, if possible please send us a PM regarding the keywords that you want the website to be optimized for. Also you can ask for any other issues that you have.
    Let us know if we can assist you.


    3 years ago
  • alechy

    you need a user for edit my site? or you send me a guide?

    3 years ago
  • skaford

    can you do it for a spanish website and a spanish keyword?
    website: puntointer.com
    keyword: vender wifi

    3 years ago
  • seoboyz

    We only work with wordpress based website, if your website is on wordpress then yes we can work with spanish website and keywords too.
    You can place the order, we will send you a confirmation message once we receive your order.
    Please let us know if you have any questions we will be happy to help you.


    3 years ago
  • jamesaku


    I don't have a wordpress website, does this make a difference?

    3 years ago
  • seoboyz

    Which platform you are using?

    3 years ago
  • jamesaku

    Currently, it's on Drupal7, but i'm thinking of making it pure html5 with no dedicated platform, just pure html coding.

    3 years ago
  • seoboyz

    In that case we have to edit the html5 code files. to optimize the content. Please send us the current domain address.

    3 years ago
  • jamesaku

    Great! Thanks.

    By the way, will you be using Amplified coding features. I ask because that's how I'm doing it this time.

    3 years ago
  • seoboyz

    Once I see the website and its structure , I can say further. We have to optimize the page and content without writing any complex codes and website has to be clean code for better optimization. Optimizing html5 page is different from a CMS site. So it will be better if I can see the website first. Are you doing the conversion now or already done it?

    3 years ago
  • jamesaku

    Halfway through.
    Currently doing the inner pages first.


    3 years ago
  • stanproperty

    Do you do restoration to wordpress website ? some rookies update seo plugin cause my website become invisible on the content.....What your charges? i want fix price

    2 years ago
  • jkboat

    do you do the following too

    + Installation and Configuration of Important WordPress SEO Plugins.
    + Complete Configuration of SEO by Yoast Plugin
    + Adding Meta Title, Description, Keywords on Home Page, Categories, Tags and other taxonomies.
    + XML Sitemap creation & submission on Google and Bing.
    + Setup SEO Friendly Permalinks
    + Image Alt Tags Setup
    + Adding canonical to taxonomy archives, single posts and pages and the front page
    + Setup of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool.
    + Setup of Bing Analytics and Webmaster Tools
    + Robots.txt file creation

    2 years ago
  • jamelucky7

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    i want to buy your service. But i need some extra information. currently
    i am using all in one seo plugin for my site. And my website is about
    smartphone unlocking and i am using woocommerce as my cart so i am using
    both all in one seo plugin for my website and woocommerce. So do you
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    Rakibul Hasan

    11 months ago
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