• SEOClerks Affiliate Store (Responsive) 2017
  • SEOClerks Affiliate Store (Responsive) 2017

Version: 2.0

Supported Operating Systems


Additional Requirements

file_get_contents is required by Server. Almost every hosting company have included it.



Demo URL


Browsers Supported



SEOClerks Affiliate Store (Responsive) v2.1

I Used SEOClerks Api feature to create the store. You can earn 10% commission on each sale via Affiliate Store.
It's completely autopilot. You just need to install and promote it as much promote as you can.

  • No limitation
  • Forever
  • 10% Commission

  • Easy Installation
  • Set Featured Services
  • Cache Management
  • CodeClerks, ListingDocks compatibility added ( You can use for CodeClerks,ListingDocks stores also)
  • Design based on Bootstrap 3.2.0 (Responsive)
  • Filter By User Level
  • Filter By Stats
  • Browse by Categories
  • Pagination
  • Search Services
  • Easy integration of advertisements
  • Documentation is included

What's New in V2.1
  • Categories Updated
  • Featured Services on top: You can set featured services
  • Cache added to improve page speed: You can enable/disable cache from configuration
  • Contact Page Added
  • CSS changes applied
  • Bugs Removed
  • Configuration improved

What's New in V2.0
  • Bugs Removed
  • CodeClerks, ListingDocks compatibility added ( You can use for CodeClerks,ListingDocks stores also)
  • Filter options Added (Filter Services By: Sale, Rating, Gaurantee, etc)
  • Filter Services By User Level Added
  • Bootstrap Design Improved
  • Bootstrap 3.2.0 is used
  • Auto Place your affiliate link to Top Registration Menu


[YES] Install On Script On Your Own Domains Only.
[YES] One Purchase Each Domain Name, If You Want To Host The Store On Multiple Domains You Purchase Multiple Times.
[NO] Install On Client Domains.
[NO] Flipping Purpose
[NO] Resell Again
[NO] Redistribute This Software (Share, Resell, Give And etc).

User Ratings

  • onlinephp
    onlinephp 3 days ago

    This guy is a great guy. please don't think twice before buying this script. order now everything works 100% !!!!! order now

  • neo35
    neo35 1 year ago

    thanks again!

  • casagames
    casagames 1 year ago


    • sharpcoders

      Thanks. Excellent buyer.

  • diypublic
    diypublic 4 years ago

    Thank you. ​Excellent working with SharpCoders! Look forward to working with them again!
    I spent many hours and ​SharpCode fixed it 5 mins.
    Well done ​SharpCode.

    • sharpcoders


  • Pradianto
    Pradianto 4 years ago

    Thank script, I'll try it and hopefully be able to work. nice work.

  • clematrix
    clematrix 4 years ago

    Good work bro. Thanks fast and reliable work that makes me happy. I can suggest anyone to work with him. For affiliate work he is better than other sellers in this marketplace!!!

  • clematrix
    clematrix 4 years ago

    Username: diyclerk
    Password: 17m4n0wtMS

    domain names: www.diyclerk.com

    • sharpcoders

      Thanks, By the way. Remove your login information.

  • lello75
    lello75 4 years ago

    Ok, great work.

  • tamourk
    tamourk 4 years ago


    • sharpcoders


  • worldbest
    worldbest 4 years ago


    • sharpcoders

      Excellent Buyer

  • Jadster
    Jadster 5 years ago

    Thank you very much!

    • sharpcoders


  • darkapple
    darkapple 5 years ago

    thanks mate good stuff

Buyers Comments

  • akhalib

    It is provided manual how to setting or...you will setting for me..

    5 years ago
  • sharpcoders

    Manual is provided, If you need any Help, I can also help you.

    5 years ago
  • muiere2

    I don't understand why i cannot flip this. cant i sell the site if i put the script on my domain

    5 years ago
  • sharpcoders

    If you buy this script. You can upload only on single domain. If you want to sell that website, you can sell. but only single domain.
    If you want to upload to multiple websites you need to place multiple orders.

    5 years ago
  • softnwords

    will it support free hosting accounts

    4 years ago
  • sharpcoders

    Yes, But hosting should support htaccess file

    4 years ago
  • mbbscollege

    Dear, How I install this theme, is this a wordpress plugin???

    4 years ago
  • sharpcoders


    4 years ago
  • BrackSales

    Well I have installed it and changed all of the information. The site is up, but no services are showing. It's just a blank template.

    4 years ago
  • stevenapereira

    interested in purchasing this do you install this what do I need to have ready

    3 years ago
  • sharpcoders

    Documentation included, You can install it easily.

    2 years ago
  • haseeb1999

    hello...can you plz give me for free

    2 years ago
  • haseeb1999

    instead of it i can provide you 800 visitors to any website

    2 years ago
  • exjordanary

    I would like to Purchase, but PLEASE UPDATE ALL CATEGORIES TO MATCH THE API's New Category Tree (it has completely changed). For example, there are no longer Categories for facebook_likes, instagram, google_plus, etc. - and there are NEW Categories such as: Social_Points -

    2 years ago
  • augustlionezz

    Demo from 2 years ago: http://sharpcoders.pk/demo/seoclerks-affiliate-store-v2/ NICE!

    Are the categories updated now? If so, I will order!

    2 years ago
  • sharpcoders

    Categories will be updated within 2, 3 days. Then you can buy it.

    2 years ago
  • benolr

    Please, can you send sample/demo of store?

    4 months ago
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