I Will give Portrait Master 2.91 - Sean Archer - Lightroom + Photoshop for $5

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I Will give Portrait Master 2.91 - Sean Archer - Lightroom + Photoshop

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This product contains Actions for Photoshop and Presets for Lightroom.

Sean Archer Portrait Master + Toast

Included versions:
- Sean Archer 2.91

- Sean Archer Portrait Master 4.5.1

- Sean Archer Portrait Master 5.0

- Sean Archer Portrait Suite 3.6

This toolkit offers everything you need to add dimensionality, texture and colors inspired by the world famous photographer, Sean Archer.

Presets and Brushes for Lightrrom:

• Automatic lighting

• Produces powerful painting effects

• Adds a distinctive art and painting feel to your images

• Provides the subject with a spectacular presence

Calibration and tanning of the skin

• These presets give the subject a beautiful skin color and tone

• Balances skin tones

Three-dimensional gamma correction

• Get amazing three-dimensional light effects

• Gives even more shape to your objects

Enhanced bright eyes

• Impressive eye enhancement settings

• Customizable color correction and intensity-boosting effects

Color toning

• 25 color presets designed to give your images their classic art look

• Balances the color of objects and backgrounds

Custom adjustment brushes

• Various brushes stimulate the eyes

• Energize the subject's gaze with lash and eyebrow effects

• Skin correction - helps smooth out blemishes

• Background brushes, add texture and color to your background

• Lip brushes add color tones

Actions for Photoshop:
• Creates several non-destructive layers to sculpt light

• Turns poorly lit portraits into amazing 3D images that pop off the screen

• New automatic lighting shows your objects

• Produces powerful painting effects

• Add new lights quickly

• Subject mask tool - offers an impeccable separation between the subject and the background, especially around the hair and complex edges

Incredible eyes

• 8 layers of non-destructive enhancements to the eyes

• Customizable color correction, gamma, intensity and sharpening effects

Thirty (30) World Class Background Textures

• Background images are included in the download

• Easily apply stunning background texture to any image

• Eliminates the need to purchase special studio funds


Photoshop CS 6 or higher

Lightroom 5.0 or higher

>> Download: 110 Megs (link via Google Drive)

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Pro Retouching Essentials Pack

This powerful package contains some of Photoshop's actions that save the most time and improve quality for digital photographers and retouchers. With these actions, you have at your fingertips all the tools you need to transform your work into stunning and unique works of art.


- Basic frequency separation action

- Advanced frequency separation action

- Frequency separation action of soft skin

- Micro Dodge And Burn

- Global Dodge And Burn

- Intelligent sharpening action

- Advanced skin texture action

- Uniform skin tone action

- Soft skin action

- Actions for whitening eyes and teeth

- Rich Tones

- Reduction of redness in the skin

- Contrast Actions

- Invert Check Layer

Supports Mac and Windows

Compatible with Photoshop CS6 or later.

Important ►►►

You can use these pack for your own ways like your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc), Pinterest, website, blog, Vimeo and mobile app also for commercial purposes etc...

If you have any questions please get in touch with me.


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