create a promotional video featuring twins for $50

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create a promotional video featuring twins

The appearance of TWINS on screen is fascinating! Advertise your website, product or music with this eye-catching act by The Ad Twins Team!

Scripts are required! All order materials must be READY to go upon ordering!

*ALL videos filmed in a studio with a teleprompter, so please no requests for cell phone videos/natural location videos.

NOTE: Per FTC law, sellers can't pose as your customers OR owners of your business, but CAN be your professional spokespersons & speak on behalf of the company.

  • Scripts not in FTC format may be modified without approval due to time constraints. Buyer agrees to this upon ordering.
  • NO mature/adult content (Such as language, drugs, sexual innuendo) G-rated only!
  • No political topics/candidate endorsements
  • Scripts should be comprehensible, & NOT designed to intentionally ridicule the talent
  • Violations post-delivery result in loss of copyright & legal action.
  • Videos filmed waist up with cuts between lines like example video-NOT all in 1 take
  • If placing MULTIPLE ORDERS at once, limit is 3 or just check with us first.

Basic Package:

Plain white background or green screen. Dark long sleeve shirt. 1080 HD. No other extras included. 50 words length.
  • Full HD (1080p)

Standard Package:
+ Choose your background. Color, image or custom office. Logo, Music, Attire + URL included. 100 words length
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Background
  • Background Music
  • Add Logo
  • Custom Outfit

Premium package:
All the Standard features PLUS 5 text animations, 5 graphics or images, & logo intro + outro. 100 words length
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Background
  • Background Music
  • Overlay Text
  • Add Logo
  • Custom Outfit


*Only free if we make an error w/ your original directions. Discount fees available for new requests/add-ons.


Video Twins Europe Advertising Promotional


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Standard Package 2 days $150
Premium Package 3 days $300

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